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2015 Qleader Spline displays as straight lines

I created a qleader as a "spline with arrow" (3 points) in one tab and it worked fine. I then copied and pasted this spline into another tab and it now displays as straight lines rather than a curve. The original leader still displays correctly though. The properties still state that it is a...

Posted: by matthew.bessen678535

Autodesk Suit Uninstall Utility.

If you read very carefully the key words here are all remnants.

Posted: by AutoCAD-AL

2014 Template vs Project for project start up

We use .rvt because we want worksharing enabled upon startup. For us, worksets are different per project, but only depending on size. For small projects, worksets consist of workset1, Misc.Ref., Shared Levels and Grids, and Linked Models by discipline. For larger projects we might break the...

Posted: by etboards17

Page Setup Manager

---Quote (Originally by dtiemeyer)--- Basically what I want to do is use the PSETUPIN command then -mpagesetup all through lisp and happening when the drawing opens, and be completely transparent to the user. ---End Quote--- Not sure what version you're using, nor am I familiar with -MPAGESETUP...

Posted: by BlackBox

2012 Crashing when opening structural member catalog

Thanks to you both for the answers. We have removed a Windows Update recently due to the Project navigator crashing when we switched projects. Thought we had that item corrected, but it just started coming back today. We did hide the update. Why can't Windows and Autodesk play nice?

Posted: by tra1133

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AUGIWorld August 2014 Issue Released!

One would think successful collaboration among team members would be virtually effortless. Really, with all the technology available these days, how hard could it be for professionals, even those who aren't housed in the same office, to work together and...


Get Advance Pass for AU2014

The Advance Pass sale (which is new this year) continues until August 19. Registration for Advance Pass holders opens August 20. Everyone else gets to register a week later, which a greater chance to get the classes you want. When...


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String Parameters & Field Functionality in a Single Block

I want to create a block that is basically a mtext object that has fields that display the variables that I need.  I can get the fields to work fine if the variable is numeric by having a construction line length that is controlled…


Moving a tool box

Windows has always had the point to move a window on the top of the box.  Most of Civil 3D and AutoCAD is the same.  Yet how many times each day do you click on the top of dialog boxes or panoramas to…


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