President’s Letter

It is April and spring (or fall for some) is in the air. New growth begins on the trees and plants and people are outdoors more often. Time to refresh, clean out, spruce up, and generally what was dormant moving again.

That is what AUGI is doing also. We are moving forward with many things that you need to know about...

AUGI Member Exclusive – we are hosting a free download from Autodesk and AUGI sweetheart, Lynn Allen. She shared a sneak peek at her AutoCAD 2010 Tips and Tricks. These tips are a jewel for every user. Look at the notice in this month’s issue of HotNews or find out more on BLAUGI and get them here.

AUGI Wish List – Your votes are in and the results will be published soon. We had thousands and thousands of voters ranking the wishes. This was tough to do since many of us want them all to be part of the next release. We have seen good returns on our wishes as many have made it into the released products. Look for more information on the results of your votes within a few weeks as we announce the tally and present the findings to Autodesk and to our members.

AUGI CAD Camp – Not much progress on CAD Camps yet, but we have not stopped working toward making them happen. We know that many of you are waiting to see a schedule of the events. We are still working on getting the foundation in place so we can move forward. We ask you to bear with us in this process. With the lead time needed to produce a CAD Camp, there will be no events in April, May, or June.

AUGI Website – Japan led the hit count for our international sites for the last month, but the most growth in hits went to India with a 25 percent increase over last month. The Revit Community is a powerhouse. It topped the list for most page hits for March followed by theAUGIWorld home page and downloads.

ATP – Check out our online training courses. How about learning how to "Organize Your Content in AutoCAD Architecture Now!" or maybe "Themes and Styles, The Display Manager in AutoCAD Map3D" and don’t miss "What's new in AutoCAD 2010." Sign up today. Click here to see all classes.

AUGI Elections – AUGI conducted a survey about the Board of Directors election process to gather input so that we could make the proper progress and decisions. The Elections Committee is reviewing this input and will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on how we should proceed. Look for more on this topic in the near future.

AUGI Country Chapters and the International Assembly – We have made progress in connecting with our international chapters. We have established a structure that includes country chapter representation to an International Assembly and we meet once every two months via conference call on Skype. So far we have had two meetings in 2009.

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