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Designs Options doesn't allow creation of walls in edit mode

---Quote (Originally by drubinoff)--- This is still an outstanding issue. I'm trying to duplicate and rename a roof in a design option, and I'm getting this same "secondary option" error. I can't see any logical reason for it. Autodesk, could you please fix this? Why on earth should I have to...

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2014 Stepped topography

I fully agree with damon.sidel and would use floors as well.

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Block at Layout

---Quote (Originally by Tharwat)--- Another way and should obtain the Dynamic Block names as well ;) ---End Quote--- ... And removes ObjectDBX support for batch operations. :(

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2014 railing at landing

Wouldn't that panel want to have be "lopped off" so-to-speak? It can't be a parallelogram with the balusters placed as they are. I see two solutions that are really design decisions, not Revit issues. 1. Each stair run has a railing that goes from top to bottom, equally divided so you end up...

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Wall Mount Light Fixtures Need Annotation Families Too

Wall mounted light fixtures, exit lights, remote heads, need annotation families just like ceiling mounted light fixtures. We need to control them in the exact same manner as ceiling mounted fixtures.


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