President’s Letter

We entered May with a bang. Several of our planned projects are beginning to come to fruition. The AUGI Wish List is out. A new publication will soon premier. The free services that you have come to enjoy are continuing and expanding. Now is the time to get connected to AUGI. Invite your friends and colleges to join also.

AUGI Wish List – Your votes are in and the results are published. Click here for information. Earlier this month, we sent out a special edition of AUGI HotNews highlighting the Wish List results. You should have received this via email. If not, please check your settings online at to verify that we have the correct email address for you.

We have also started conversations directly with Autodesk to see how we can enhance the Wish List process, making it more effective and getting the information to the developer teams at the best possible time. More than 2,500 AUGI members reviewed the Wish List results the first four days they were live on the website.

AUGI AEC Edge – Distributing at the end of May, this new publication will look into the AEC market and cover the software tools that Autodesk has developed and you are using. The premier issue will focus in on Revit and the BIM revolution in the AEC world.

AUGI AEC Edge will be an electronic publication, available via online and download. Learn more about AUGI AEC|Edge in this issue of AUGI HotNews.

AUGI Member Exclusive – We are hosting a free download from Autodesk and AUGI sweetheart, Lynn Allen. She shared a sneak peek at her AutoCAD 2010 Tips and Tricks. These tips are a jewel for every user. Access BLAUGI for more information and download Lynn's presentation here. So far, more than 20,000 members have taken advantage of this downloadable offering.

AUGI CAD Camp – The impact of the economy and the need for up-front funding have been setbacks to reinstituting the program. We are trying to work it out, so stay tuned for more information.

AUGI Website – Updates have been made to the AUGI Forums to better prevent spamming on the threads. We continue to increase the traffic on the site.

ATP – The AUGI Training Program continues to provide free online supplemental training to AUGI members. Click here to see what is available this month.

AUGI e-Learning Program - AUGI is pleased to offer AUGI e-Learning, a program that offers AUGI members a selection of video tutorials on various Autodesk products. At the date of this writing, the New Certification Preparation Course was available. Learn effective preparation and test-taking strategies, plus evaluate your expertise before you attempt an exam.

AUGI, in conjunction with 4DTechnologies/CADLearning, makes video lessons available every month to AUGI members at no charge. Yes, FREE! Find out more at

AUGI Elections – The nominations closed on May 24, 2009. Now, the Nomination and Elections committee will review the nominations and seek approval by the full board for the names of those nominees that will be included on the ballot.

Find out more about the nomination and elections process at:

AUGI Country Chapters and the International Assembly – We have established a structure that includes Country Chapter representation to an International Assembly. The group meets once every two months via conference call on Skype. The last meeting was held on May 23, 2009.

AUGI HotNews – This monthly e-newsletter continues on track. The Special edition for the Wish List was added to the mix. Look for more special editions and member emails announcing special offers and AUGI information.

AUGIWorld - The second edition of the year will be published this month. Editorial features include closer looks at the newest releases of Autodesk software such as AutoCAD 2010, Autodesk Inventor 2010, and Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP, among others. These reviews and tips are direct from AUGI members to their fellow members - real-world users helping you get up to speed on the latest release.

AUGI Volunteers – You too can become an AUGI volunteer! There are many opportunities for those who want to take the next step in service to your fellow members. We keep a list of volunteer opportunities here. These are unpaid opportunities to assist the organization, the community, and your fellow members. Volunteering your time and expertise also helps you get better connected. Check out the list.

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