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Tis the season in my part of the world, for lots of sniffles and other various illnesses. I apologize for my mix-up this month. In last month’s column, I promised you an homepage poll on board drafting, but, half out of my head on Nyquil and honeyed tea, I accidentally posted the March poll topic instead.

I am going to go ahead and leave the current poll up for the next few weeks and encourage you to chime in. In March, for the last two years, we have run a poll on whether people are currently searching for a job, and why.

Are you happy where you are? Are you unemployed? Are you working, but, just not enough? Are you looking because you are dissatisfied with your current role? Are you planning to start searching soon?

The 2013 job search poll revealed that there were fewer people searching because they were dissatisfied. Slightly more were not looking for work in 2013, but, still, almost half of the respondents were checking out, or intending to check out, the job market.

According to the Salary Survey, the most shared factor for considering quitting one’s job is being underpaid (44% of respondents thinking of leaving their jobs cited that as a factor, closely followed by no opportunities for advancement and lack of input).

If you’re a manager in the industry, especially in a smaller company where a rockstar’s departure could hurt you significantly, you might want to think a little outside of the HR box:

The 2013 Salary Survey revealed that 5% of respondents left their job for an internal transfer, and another 8% left for a new job.

So, please, pop up to the AUGI homepage this month and take part in the job search poll, and we will take a look back in next month’s HotNews and see how things might have changed?

The following month, I will run the poll on Board Drafting which I had intended to run for February.

In the months after that, we will run a couple of polls relating to the Salary Survey, which, of course, runs on the Surveys channel in July and August. Please mark your calendars and keep an eye on this column to remind yourself to take part.

Want to look over the poll highlights from last year? Please see this article if you missed it:

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