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Changing Layer Settings to Standards Using Visual LISP

Do you have a list of layers you are wanting to standardize? Do all of them reside in the drawing? Which would be faster? a. Cycle through all of the layers in the drawing and for each layer found, cycle through the standard layer list to find a match OR b. Cycle through the standard...

Posted: by Opie

Looking help with autolisp assignment

---Quote (Originally by Wanderer)--- It would also be helpful to post the code you've got so far, so people don't waste their time telling you what you already know. Cheers. :) ---End Quote--- Yes, and to add to that, what exacty are you trying to do? Write a lisp that draws this? Write a...

Posted: by tedg

2015 MEP Content Convert

I'm everywhere... :D Wherever the path from Revit to Fabrication is to be discussed - I am there. Until I get annoyed. Then I'm out. ;)

Posted: by tfullerpipes

2014 Revit crashes on Export and Printing

I'd suspect this is a Memory / RAM ( or lack of ) problem. What is the Revit file size? What are your computer specs? ( esp. RAM ) Make sure you Close Hidden Views as well, when trying to print or export. Try setting Detail Level to Coarse, turn off unneccesary elements in VG, etc.

Posted: by cliff collins

2014 Would you do ICF by form family? - does a generic wall family for ICF introduce human error, re coursing?

I have used ICF's (Insulated Concrete Forms) for a residential project as well. I took the approach of using a modified wall to accurately represent the ICF wall structure (2.5" Insulation, 8" Concrete, 2.5" Insulation). I didn't worry about coursing as long as my wall dimension followed the ICF...

Posted: by jsteinhauer

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AUGIWorld correction

In an effort to provide AUGIWorld readers with the most timely information on the 2015 release of Revit, the articles in the April issue of AUGIWorld, the annual "What's New from Autodesk", were written based on functionality in the beta...


AUGIWorld April 2014 Issue Released!

As predictable as the switch to Daylight Saving Time is Autodesk's release of new versions of its major products. New releases are always of great interest among Autodesk product users - will their product "wishes" be granted with functionality they've...


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control # of rows in panel/switchboard schedule

Currently, Revit sets the # of rows in panel & switchboard schedules based on the # of single pole breakers assigned to a panelboard instance.  However, in the case of multiple pole circuits in the switchboard schedule (and branch panel if the single row option…


Assign Phase to Grids

Currently we have to “hide in view” future phase structural gridlines.  Assigning a phase to these to control visibility would be a much better solution.  I realize that they’re annotation objects, but honestly, the ability to control the phase of all annotations would be helpful…


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