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MEP Labels in Revit?

My work just switched to revit for some projects rather then using AutoCAD MEP. In AutoCAD, there are MEP labels for Gas. Is there something similar in revit?

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2014 Converting Eagle Point Drawings to C3D

Maybe get him som literature on Carlson -- I suspect he'd be happier, and the rest of you would also.

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---Quote (Originally by tedg)--- What happens if you type on the command line: '_units (note the apostrophy and underscore) Or under the "Format" pull-down use the "Units" button? ---End Quote--- Shouldn't it be a stop/period not apostrophe?

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2014 Autocad table from Excel Data Link

I found StripMText, but it does not seem to work unless I explode the table. I've tried various settings for the datalink, unlocking the table cells, but to no avail. Care to provide detail on how you were able to get it to work? Thanks.

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2012 Revit - Electrical circuits disconnecting from parent when synchronizing.

Ben, I can now recreate the issue about the circuit disconnecting when syncing after reducing the Max #1 Pole Breakers value on the panel. I'll check if there is a defect logged for this and if not, log a new one. It would be better if we could post a warning when the Max Breakers value is...

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RTC Europe 2014

Dublin, Ireland Thursday 30 October – Saturday 1 November 2014 Building on the success of the 2014 Australasian and North American events, RTC comes back for its second year in Europe, with the venue set in the beautiful Dublin Castle,...


AUGI HotNews - July 2014

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Revit Video Conferencing

To put very simply, combine skype with revit. Imagine communication between team members via IM or Video. Also add a group or peer to peer sketch pad where both or all parties can view or add in real time! Now thats thinking ahead!


Smooth it out

Place a higher priority on the basic smoothness of the software to eliminate the notchiness of the screen and inability to easily select fine points in a large layout (for instance during a copy command).


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