Cha, Cha, Changes!

I’m a firm believer in this notion: If it isn’t broken, then think about breaking it! Actually not really, but it may come as a surprise to some to learn that we have put the publication titled AUGI | AEC EDGE to pasture. AUGI is combining publications and merging AUGI | AEC EDGE with AUGIWorld. Let me explain. 

AUGIWorld (AW) began in 2002 and basically covered all aspects of Autodesk software. AUGI | AEC EDGE (AAE) began in 2009 as a response to the new and growing Revit community. We partnered with an outside publisher, and AUGI members provided the content and content editing. However, over time it became increasingly confusing to our readers since many of the same technical subjects overlapped with AUGIWorld. It also became disconcerting to our advertisers – we actually had advertisers choose one publication over the other.

In late 2010 the Board of Directors decided to bring AAE production in-house and use AUGI production staff. At the same time we wanted to increase publication cycles from four times per year to bi-monthly – as we have a lot of content and it needs to be more timely. So we would simply leap frog with AW as it was already bi-monthly. However, as we began to plan publication scheduling, having two distinct production teams was increasing costs and complexity. After careful consideration it was deemed that we could simply forgo changing AAE to bi-monthly, make AUGIWorld a monthly publication, and house the traditional AW content and the A/E/C-focused AAE content.

Our official magazine, AUGIWorld, has a history that goes back more than eight years. It will now become a monthly publication, staying focused on Autodesk products. AW will adopt the newer style and "look" of AUGI | AEC EDGE and we will simply expand the industries we cover in the publication. Basically AUGIWorld will and can contain anything on any Autodesk software.

Get social!

Social media is all the rage now, and AUGI is in them as well (and has been for quite some time).

Do you use Facebook? So do we! We use our Facebook for organizational news and gathering for events such as Autodesk University. To “friend” us, go to

For those who like to tweet, we twitter as well! Obviously twitter isn’t for long, drawn-out messages, but we do put out some hot-off-the-presses information. Follow us at

Now if using Autodesk products is a basis for your own professional life, then LinkedIn is probably on your radar. It offers a way to create a professional network where your contacts can maintain their contact details – not you! At any time you can reach your peers. Within the LinkedIn world are also groups, where AUGI has a presence and you can join us. Within the AUGI LinkedIn group are professional and industry type discussions, as well as news from the AUGI organization. Get linked to AUGI at

Visit lately?

When was the last time you went to the website? If it has been a while, you should take a moment and hit! There is a lot new and the best part, it’s *your* website. The AUGI site is created by members for members! One of the coolest features is the new Library where articles written by AUGI members have been published and put into pages that are searchable and printable. Of course the AUGI forums are back in full force – and growing!

Okay, so take a moment and check out some of these membership benefits. Till next month…

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