2021 Job Search Poll

From 2012-2017, AUGI polled our members annually on the status of their job search. There has been a lot of chatter in the news about a great exodus, with the economy growing so quickly, so we wanted to hear from you, just how true that is.

Lets begin with the question of how many people are NOT currently searching for a new job? 40%

While 2016 was not far behind, 2021 is clearly indicating the lowest volume of people actively planning to remain in their current firms.

Of those that are looking, almost 8% are unemployed and 4% are under-employed. 9% are casting their net because they are not able to give up working remotely (but this issue also shows up as a reason why 21% of workers are currently dissatisfied with their current company). 

The percentage of those planning to begin their job search is still holding steady at 15%, and the option to remain working remotely (9%) is a new selection, let us look deeper into the differences on other motivators. 

Those currently looking for a new role due to dissatisfaction is at a high of 24%, while those searching due to unemployment is at an all-time low of 8%, and likewise under-employment is at a low of 4%. If you would like a deeper look into the causes of this dissatisfaction, check out the last chart in this article, which goes into greater detail.

Most of those participating in this poll have been with their company for years. 

For those leaders wondering which of their staff is thinking about leaving, consider the reasons why they want to. Which of these issues exist within your company? Which can you do something about? 

For next month’s poll, we would like to know what your primary design software is, as well as which one you use most frequently after that, and see how much usage has changed since the last time we asked. 


Melanie Stone is a CAFM/ IWMS Specialist supporting and writing about ARCHIBUS, FMInteract, Tririga, Revit, AutoCAD, BricsCAD or similar. She served as an AUGI Director/Officer for over 6 years and is currently involved with the STLRUG. Melanie can be reached at or found on Twitter as @MistresDorkness on YouTube or on her Mistress Of the Dorkness blog.

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