Wish List

Our Wish List provides and interactive manner in which to communicate your feature requests and "wishes" for changes to Autodesk software directly to Autodesk.

Have a great idea for a feature? Want to communicate your desire to have a frustrating tool improved? You may Add a Wish whenever you like! You can also review your wishes to see how others have ranked them with the system.

Interested in what other AUGI members have wished for? You can use our three-tiered system to help promote wishes that you feel are worthy through to the top of the list!

1. RANK - We get thousands of wishes from our members. Choose a software title and rank each with on a scale of "Don't need it" to "I need it!" to help move it to round 2- the Vote!

2. VOTE - The top 30 wishes for each software title are sent to a vote. You can choose 10 of the top 30 to promote to the final round, the Buy!

3. BUY - The top 10 wishes for each software title are available for you to allocate $500 "wish cash" dollars among them to indicate where you'd put your software improvement dollars if you were in charge.

AUGI reports the final results right to Autodesk. Wishes that get implemented go straight to our Hall of Fame!

AUGI Wish List

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