Survey Recap: How Much of Your Work is in 3D?

November 6th, 2012

The October 2012 homepage poll asked AUGI members how much 3D work they’re doing these days. Thank you to the more than 350 people who took some time to participate in this month’s question!

It looks like 20% of folks are doing no 3D at all, for various reasons, but more than 50% are doing the vast majority of their work in 3D. The other 30% are, of course, somewhere in between.

Working in Facilities Management, our move from paper to CAD took about 15 years, and our move from 2D CAD to BIM is likely to take about the same amount of time. I estimate that we’ve currently got about 15% of our campus in AutoCAD MEP and another 15% in Revit, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP. We add BIM to our archives with new construction and renovation projects (areas on our campus are renovated on an average of every 15 years).

If you participated in the 2012 Annual Salary Survey, you’ll see that we asked about BIM adoption. I noted the following connection:  the average pay for those in firms who report doing no BIM projects is $60,156. The average pay for those who report using BIM on more than half of their projects is $64,310.

From page 26 in the October 2012 issue of AUGIWorld Magazine, you can see the top reasons given for using BIM.

Be sure to pop by to take part in the November poll about Social Media usage.

Melanie Perry is a Facilities Management CADD Coordinator and freelance Technical Editor, she is currently serving as an Officer on the AUGI Board of Directors and can be reached at

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About the Author

Melanie Perry

Melanie Perry

Melanie Perry is a CAFM Solutions Architect and Technical Editor in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the AUGI Salary Survey Manager and is currently serving as an Officer on the Board of Directors. Melanie can be reached at or found on Twitter as @MistresDorkness


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