Quick Tip: Editing the Rollover Tooltip

November 7th, 2012

AutoCAD® 2009 introduced the endless array of tooltips we have gradually (grudgingly?) accepted.  Unless, of course, you went to the Display tab of the Options dialog box and toggled off the ones you didn’t want to see, such as the Extended tooltips that expand to show diagrams.  There are the tips you get when you hover on a command or tool, but then there are the tips you get when you hover on an object in the drawing.  That one’s called a ‘Rollover’ tooltip.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see not only the Layer for the text, but also the text Height and text Style? Or maybe the name of a block, along with the rotation. 

Rollover tips can be customized to display more than just the color, layer, and linetype… and here’s how.

1.  For this example, open a drawing with some text, then type CUI to open the Customize User Interface dialog box.

2.  Expand the Partial Customization Files node, then expand CUSTOM, then click Rollover Tooltips.

3.  On the right side, click the Edit Object Type List button to open the list of AutoCAD object types.

4.  In the object type listing, check the box for Mtext and Text.  You will now see ‘Mtext’ and ‘Text’ listed with exclamation points indicating no properties have been selected for those object types.  The information on the far right side of the CUI now displays additional, text-specific properties.

5.  Click the ‘Mtext’ item in the middle list, then under the General list of properties, check Layer; under Text, Style and Text Height.  You will now see that the ‘Mtext’ item no longer has the exclamation point.  Repeat the process for the ‘Text’ object type.

6.  Click OK to apply, save, and close the CUI.  Now when you ‘rollover’ a text object in the drawing (albeit very slowly and with a pause), you will see the customized information for that object type!

Michael E. Beall (B. Arch.) is an Autodesk Authorized Author and the owner of CAD Trainer Guy, LLC.  He has been presenting onsite CAD training around the planet for over 30 years.  Contact him at michael.beall@cadtrainerguy.com, or give him a call at 502.500.2267.

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About the Author

Michael Beall

Michael Beall

Michael E. Beall (B. Arch.) won the AU
2013 Speaker Award for Hands-on
Labs and is an Autodesk Authorized
Author. He is the owner of CAD
Trainer Guy, LLC in Shelbyville,
KY and has been presenting onsite
CAD training around the planet
since 1982. Contact him anytime at
on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.
com/in/cadtrainerguy/ or give him a
call at 502.500.2267.


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