Quick Tip: Create a Tool Palette from a Drawing’s Blocks

March 21st, 2013

The DesignCenter was introduced in AutoCAD® 2000 and remains a great interface to access many of the named objects in any AutoCAD drawing.  If you have blocks in a drawing that you would like to make available to other drawings, the optimum solution would be to create a Tool Palette.

How to Create a Tool Palette of Blocks from DesignCenter

  1. Launch DesignCenter with Ctrl + 2 or from the View tab >Palettes panel >DesignCenter.  The interface looks just like Windows Explorer/My Computer.
  2. Navigate to the drawing containing blocks you would like to add to a tool palette.

  3. Expand the .DWG node to display a lengthy collection of the drawing’s Named Objects.
  4. Right-click on the Blocks node, then click Create Tool Palette.


  • If the Tool Palette window is not yet open, it will open automatically when you click Create Tool Palette.  For future reference, that’s Ctrl + 3.
  • In the above exercise, the name of the Tool Palette will be the name of the drawing from which it was created.
  • After clicking on the Block node in DesignCenter, you can select several blocks, then right-click and make a tool palette from the selection; you will be prompted for a name in this circumstance.
  • By default, all blocks on a tool palette have their ‘Prompt For Rotation’ set to <No>.  To edit them all, click in an empty spot on the Tool Palette, then use Ctrl + A to select all the blocks.  Now right-click on one of them, > Properties, then set the Prompt for Rotation to <Yes>.

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