Letter From The President - September 2013

September 19th, 2013

Hello AUGI Member!

For my last Revit Technology Conference 2013 mention, the final event of the year is upcoming in Delft, The Netherlands. The event is spanning two days Sep 27-28, 2013, and looks to unveil a whole new continent for the RTC Event bandwagon. If you have not yet decided to attend it is not too late!

For Autodesk University 2013, we have begun to plan out our needs for the event. The big event for AUGI is the AUGI Annual Meeting being held at the Venetian Dec 4, 5:45pm. If you are in the area and an AUGI member please come join us for the meeting!

Over at AUGIWorld magazine, we recently released the Sep 2013 issue with the Salary Survey. We don’t usually talk about our readership but I have to say I’m pretty happy with the recent trends. We are over 190,000 subscribers but even better is that we passed 100,000 readers for the Sep 2013 issue. How many magazines do you know of that get read by at least half of those who receive it?

And lastly, Bob Bell is chairing the Nomination and Election committee this year. Want to help on the committee? You might get a chance! Email him at robert.bell@augi.com.

And with that, I'm out. See you in the forums!

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David Harrington

David Harrington

David first began using AutoCAD in 1987 in the Structural Engineering discipline. He later joined the Board of Directors for NAAUG, and later AUGI. He is an established technical editor and author, having worked on over eight books. He also teaches at Autodesk University and occasionally writes for magazines such as AUGIWorld.


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