Letter From The President - March 2014

March 20th, 2014

Hello AUGI Member!

The last month has been a bit busy, here is the run down!

For AUGIWorld April we are poised with our annual "What's New" release and it is looking to be a great issue! Our authors have had their way with some interesting software and want to share their thoughts with you. Look for the publication on April 3 - just 2 weeks away!

For HotNews we are continuning to tweak and edit here and there. Perhaps this month you will even find something to tweet about!

Over on AUGI.com, the server host upgrade went rather well this time. We are not used to such smooth transitions! The result of the new host should be that you browsing on AUGI.com will be much snappier than before and less watching the browser wheel turn (depending on your browser of course).

Previously I have mentioned the new Resources project. Are you a developer, consultant, or reseller? Be one of the first to be listed in the Resource by emailing us at resources(at)augi.com.

And I'm happy to announce another new program, AUGI Webinars. Funded by the AutoCAD division at Autodesk, AUGI Webinars will provide an opportunity for AUGI members to share insight and instruction in video via GoToWebinar solutions. Have you conducted a webinar or spoke at a conference before? Perhaps you would like to know more? Easy! Contact us at webinars(at)augi.com.

Okay, that's enough for this month!

Take care,

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About the Author

David Harrington

David Harrington

David first began using AutoCAD in 1987 in the Structural Engineering discipline. He later joined the Board of Directors for NAAUG, and later AUGI. He is an established technical editor and author, having worked on over eight books. He also teaches at Autodesk University and occasionally writes for magazines such as AUGIWorld.


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