Letter from the President - June 2013

June 20th, 2013

Hello AUGI Member!
It’s that time again, for a quick update and to roll out some fresh changes!

Do you know of any local user group leaders? Then let our user group director know! Contact Shaun Bryant at ugdirector@augi.com and get them plugged in and getting found! LUGs need members…
2013 Salary Survey
It’s that time of year again! Coming soon is the annual survey of your career and it should be published in the September 2013 issue of AUGIWorld.

The new redesign of the AUGI.com log in methodology and technical backend components is in “beta testing” now. So far, so good! During the development we discovered quite a number of doubled accounts and other junk which was probably causing many of our issues with login.

The RTC North America 2013 event is in Vancouver in July! Find out more at www.rtcevents.com

We should begin promoting the wish list again shortly. Want to help influence the 2015 version of your favorite Autodesk application? Now is the time to start submitting your ideas! www.augi.com/wishlist

We have opportunities and they have your name on them! Desirée Mackey and Michael Smith are waiting to help you find your home in AUGI and contribute to our wonderful organization. Just reach out and reap the rewards at volunteering@augi.com

We have a few changes happening as this issue of HotNews hits the streets. Our own Mark Kiker is stepping away from the Executive Director position within AUGI and pursuing other endeavors. The Board and others on staff at AUGI sincerely appreciate Mark’s contribution to the organization over the years. Mark is the reason AUGI was able to continue on after our separation from SolidVapor back in 2008. We do wish Mark the best of luck (he doesn’t need it) and do hope he continues to enlighten AUGI members with his insight in the management side of Autodesk products. We will hear from Mark again, I’m sure.

But with Mark’s departure comes a good sized hole to fill. In order to fill appropriately and with the proper amount of care, AUGI has partnered with SmithBucklin to provide interim Executive Director Services, keep the engine moving, and to assist in the development of the job description. This will then be used to better define who would be a good candidate to fill this position in the near future.

The AUGI Board of Directors, Mark Kiker, Ray Eisenberg (Autodesk), and two representatives from SmithBucklin will be meeting June 20-22 in Autodesk’s offices in San Francisco. This is our annual Board meeting and planning session and looks to be one of the best we have ever had.

And with that, look in the July 2013 issue of HotNews for what happened!

Take care,
David Harrington

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About the Author

David Harrington

David Harrington

David first began using AutoCAD in 1987 in the Structural Engineering discipline. He later joined the Board of Directors for NAAUG, and later AUGI. He is an established technical editor and author, having worked on over eight books. He also teaches at Autodesk University and occasionally writes for magazines such as AUGIWorld.


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