Job Search Poll 2014

March 20th, 2014

This is the third year AUGI has run a poll gauging how many folks are looking for work and why. Let us take a look back and see how things have changed.

I do not know if hiring managers will find it comforting or not, to hear that just slightly over half of the respondents this year are not looking for work, nor planning to, in the near future. That still leaves 46% of the users here with a roving eye.

In 2013, 8% of respondents said they were only looking for work, because they were under-employed (working fewer hours than they’d like, or at a temporary job until they can find something in their desired field and pay range). This number only dropped slightly, to 6%, in 2014.

The number of respondents who report job searching because they are unemployed has dropped from 18% to 10% in the past three years.

Those who are employed, but are looking because they’re dissatisfied with their current employment, account for one-fifth of the respondents this year. That number has not changed much from 2012. It is still a significant portion of unhappy people to have working in your company.

And, lastly, we have the portion of users who are toying with the idea of leaving and will start searching in the not-too-distant future.
As a matter of trivia, back in 2012, I was one of those who was planning to start looking. At local networking events, I have seen many of my contacts (in the St. Louis Revit Users Group) switch companies since that time. I hope this bodes well for the economic recovering in our area. If you have a LUG near you, pop into a meeting (or arrange one) or networking event and ask folk how staff movement has been.

Here is another quick recap chart of the data I just broke out. Come back next spring and chime in a repeat of this poll and we will see if the numbers have changed much again.
This month, check out the homepage poll on whether or not you have done drafting on the board.
And, as always, come back in July and August to take the Annual AUGI Survey, talking about your company’s workload, your salary and job security. Watch HotNews and the homepage for details (I will also tweet reminders via my twitter account @MistresDorkness ).

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Melanie Perry

Melanie Perry

Melanie Perry is a CAFM Solutions Architect and Technical Editor in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the AUGI Salary Survey Manager and is currently serving as an Officer on the Board of Directors. Melanie can be reached at or found on Twitter as @MistresDorkness


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