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Dependency ViewTemplates

It also would be nice to have the ability to reference more than one view template, let´s say that I have one for filters, one for RVT links, and another for views, and I could reference in the main one to nest the sub ones. In my case the views View Template, could reference the filter and RVT...

Posted: by fabiosato

2016 How to retrieve Parameter Value of a Family Element ?

I have been try to get the parameter value of family public class Trial : IExternalCommand { public Result Execute(ExternalCommandData commandData, ref string message, ElementSet elements) { UIApplication uiApp = commandData.Application; Document doc =...

Posted: by huiput2006707889

Check how much of 2 lines are overlapping

Using the vlax-curve functions. Code: --------- (defun C:OverlapLines (/ lstPoints objLine1 objLine2 ) (if (and (setq objLine1 (selectone "line" "\nSelect Line #1: ")) (setq objLine2 (selectone "line" "\nSelect Line #2: ")) (setq lstPoints (list

Posted: by peter

2015 Seeing steel beams on angle in elevation/s​ection

I wish it was problem solved - I mentioned in my post that this is what I had done, but for some reason the steel member will show as a full member in my plan view, even if I untick it to show as full in "plan/rcp". I have no idea why this is occurring though....

Posted: by gazza_v_2000

2014 Moving project origin point

Hi, Brand new to revit. We had a deadline due on Thursday where I was at least able to model the waste piping for a four story office building. Unfortunately it looks like I used the copy center to center option when linking the achitectural model into my project. How can I fix it to align with...

Posted: by rmaurer151540

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roof slope input

Currently you cannot change the default or roof slope prior to inputting your line work. While it is not hard to change the roof slope it is time consuming and unnecessary to have to do it for all lines that define a slope. Please provide…


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