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Welcome to the Revit Architecture Community!

Revit is Autodesk's flagship Building Information Modeling solution. Since the 2013 release it has become a single unified installation giving users access to all the tools for Architecture, Structure and the MEP disciplines. 

The AUGI Revit Community is made up members and users with diverse interests, needs and skill-sets. Each one of us has certain expectations and demands, not only from our software solutions, but from a resource like AUGI. Although this Community is titled Revit Architecture it is the intent, for now at least, that all disciplines are supported and welcome to contribute or comment.

By far the most popular and familiar resource to AUGI Revit users is the Revit forums. Whether by helping to moderate and maintain the forums or by sharing their time and knowledge to answer questions and further discussion, AUGI members have helped build an incredibly rich and valuable resource for new and experienced users alike.

As Revit adoption increases globally and the Revit community at large grows and matures so must the AUGI Revit Community. I really don't believe it's possible or practical to attempt to make AUGI your 'one stop' source for Revit information. What I would like to ensure is that AUGI is your 'first stop' source.

The forums are an established and valuable resource open to all but there is so much to know and learn. We would like your Revit Community at AUGI to be more than just a repository for questions and answers. To try and make that happen I'll be looking to you, the users, to help define how AUGI can serve you better.

It starts by giving you a say. Let us know what you want your community to be. Are you looking for a 'market place' to find and share content? Are you interested in web based round table discussions or tutorials? What information or resources do you need access to that might best be served by an AUGI 'Quick Access Toolbar'?

In the coming months I'll be looking for your suggestions and then enlisting some of you to help make the AUGI Revit Community what you want it to be.

Drop me an e-mail with your suggestions and comments and if you have the desire to contribute your time to the cause, let me know and I'll be sure to get back to you.

Dimitri Harvalias

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Dimitri Harvalias

Dimitri Harvalias

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