AUGIWORLD September 2021 Issue

AUGIWORLD September 2021 Issue


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20th Annual AUGI Salary Survey

The most anticipated edition of AUGIWorld magazine, the Salary Survey edition!

All our data comes directly from you, our AUGI members. This is a great way to compare your salaries and job conditions to others in your field. Melanie Stone gives her all into managing this survey every year, and so we thank her for this edition!

In the September 2021 issue:

  • Future Value to Model-Based Deliverables — Stephen Walz introduces how clients are beginning to require an integrated approach to enhance their existing Asset Management solutions. So in response, the AEC industry has started to evaluate multiple vendors, organizations, and technologies to develop proven solutions that allow for seamless migration of all design intelligence data into a federated model. He also adds that these solutions will be leveraged for interdisciplinary coordination, Model-Based QC, Model-Based Deliverables, and most importantly enable a streamlined continuation of asset management, well beyond design.

  • 3ds Max: Tips on Lighting — Brian Chapman explains how lighting is arguably the most critical element in 3D and that lighting guides the viewer’s eye and provides a tone that invokes emotions relative to the scene. He also mentions that lighting helps describe shapes, form, and depth.

  • Coordination Views in BIM 360 Simplified — Eric Wing shares how we can now share 3D views with all trades linked together where all you need to have on your computer is an internet browser. He goes super into depth and makes the instructions super clear with visuals involved.

  • Walmart Home Office: Successful Collaboration — Gabriela Ramos and Ted Vuong talk about the complex makeup that serve the offices, service buildings, parking decks, and amenities throughout the campus, hydro, gas, and fiber optic cable and communication duct banks—the protected pathways for buried electrical and data cables. They ensure exceptional underground utility design for Walmart’s home office.

  • 20th Annual AUGI Salary Survey — Melanie Stone appreciates those members who were able to take the time to participate in this year’s survey whilst showing the results of each and mentions how there is still a fall in participation though.

  • Assume it’s Your Fault — Mark Kiker talks about how when people come running, you go into troubleshooting mode and start asking a lot of questions. He says that you may get to the root of the problem really quickly and get them back on track, but other times the problem runs deeper than a quick fix.

  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.