AUGIWORLD October 2015 Issue

AUGIWORLD October 2015 Issue


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Get a productivity boost through customization 

Autodesk software users, veterans and novices alike, are constantly searching for ways to increase productivity—frequently through software customization, occasionally through a change in work flow, often through talking to others about how they manage things.

In the October 2015 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors cover all the bases for boosting productivity. Miguel Medina reveals a way to customize AutoCAD Civil 3D in his article “Customizing with Subassembly Composer.

Mark Hunter advises you to “Remove Your Blinders” and create custom clash tests in Navisworks Manage to dramatically impact your productivity.

Every article in this issue will address ways in which you can work better, faster, smarter.

Also in the October 2015 AUGIWorld...

Product Review: 3DConnexion CadMouse — John Evans ran the CadMouse through the paces and declares it a winner for Inventor users and others..

Validating Duct/Pipe Flow and Pressure Analysis — Douglas Nachtrieb believes that underutilization of the pressure and flow calculations for duct and piping systems within Revit MEP is causing users to miss out on a great opportunity. Here’s why you should use these tools.

Using Modeled Groups Structurally — Steve Carrillo shares a workaround for coordinating unit plans structurally. He’ll show you how to cut time and be more efficient.

Family Matters: Essential Clearances and Boundaries — Jennifer Lanzetti and Travis Beecher address how to add a correct clearance zone to your family while keeping it separate from the model element.

3D Viewing: HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display — Robert Green explores the benefits of using HP’s new 3D monitor for design.

Drawings Made Clear with Renovation Mode — Melinda Heavrin demonstrates how AutoCAD Architecture’s Renovation Mode feature enables you to identify all objects and associate them with different phases of a renovation project, which allows for clear construction drawings.

Questions in Revit: Follow the Process — Through the creation of a Revit family, Kaitlin McVehil shows how Revit addresses the planning process.

Also in this issue...

Creating Custom Textures with the Viewport Canvas — Brian Chapman gives some pointers on how to create an instant good impression with tools in 3ds Max software.

Proliferating Change — In this series Mark Kiker has presented how an idea becomes reality. You have generated an idea, proved it is worthy of further development, piloted it, and now it is time to push it out to your employees. Here are some tips for performing this crucial last step.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents new products from Autodesk and its partners. This month he previews Aconex, an online collaboration platform for construction, infrastructure, energy, and resources projects, and 3D Model-Inspector, a scalable tool for Inventor that makes it easier and faster to check the model and structure.