AUGIWORLD November 2021 Issue

AUGIWORLD November 2021 Issue


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In the November 2021 issue:

You can never get enough of this, We can use education and training for as long as we live.

This month we get to see how our AUGI Authors themselves use education and training along with their own methods and practices!

  • 3ds Max and Creative Professionals: Their Role as Mentors — Brian Chapman highlights and celebrates a few of the ‘lone wolves’ out there called mentors and how these working professionals build these fellowships, pushing to improve creative communities and skills everywhere.

  • Civil Engineering Still Lags Architecture in Visualization — Sam Lytle tells a story about his 30th birthday and incorporates his own insane and inspiring journey with Visualization.

  • Continuing Education — Luke Flowers shares how he learned a repeatable continuous education process, which he still uses to this day. He then covers the process he discovered and action steps that made it easy to repeat.

  • Corporate Training for Everybody — Eric Wing lists off and goes into detail on his chosen delivery methods that are here to help everyone including: Video Recording, Video Conferencing, Onboarding, Production Staff, and many more.

  • AutoCAD: One Key Shortcuts — Ivan Shchito takes it back to the first release of AutoCAD and mentions how, “the software was also designed to provide functionality first. It was not considered how many letters a person had to type to access a command or how long the mouse path had to be and how many clicks needed to be done… we can still see the ergonomics flaws which were planted at the dawn of computer technology.” He then leads into tons of educating about the shortcuts of AutoCAD.

  • Site Scan for ArcGIS — Matt Torma talks about how AEC firms are now moving drone use out of the proof-of-concept phase and into standard operating procedures. Concluding his summary in the beginning with, “There was value in testing all the options, but now these teams are looking for an integrated, end-to-end drone solution that simplifies the process and can scale as their drone operations grow,” with that leading as a segway into his article.

  • Educate Me — Mark Kiker has a conversation with Robert Garza coming from the idea of focusing on education at Community College levels and how many offer CAD training that could potentially get the students into an engineering career.

  • A Day at the Home Office — Marco Oregon opens up with AUGI Humor and goes into saying to never give up. He then talks about being impressed with how AUGI salaries jumped and more about his work life challenges and that it’s important to never lose hope as well.

  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.