AUGIWORLD November 2017 Issue

AUGIWORLD November 2017 Issue


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Find Time for Training

Yeah, we get it—everybody’s busy. Faced with more work than there are hours in a work week, you struggle to keep your head above water while continuing to look for ways to shave a sliver of time off this process and achieve efficiencies through that workflow. Always pressed for time, the one item you may be tempted to jettison is the very last item you should ever put on the back burner: continued education and training.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn something new. Thousands will head to Las Vegas later this month to attend Autodesk University, the premier education and networking event. Those who can’t make the trip this year are not without options, for there are top-notch education and training opportunities available everywhere.

In the November 2017 issue of AUGIWorld, our experts provide information on great training resources.

Make Training Priority One — Joshua Geimecke has never stopped learning and has found many opportunities right in his workplace. Here, he shares tips for trainers and trainees alike.

Exploring Display Themes — Melinda Heavrin provides the ins and outs of display themes in AutoCAD Architecture. Learn how to create themes, manage theme styles, activate themes, and much more.

Mining the Cloud for a Better Building Industry — Anthony A. Hauck of Autodesk explores the potential of the cloud and discusses several Autodesk solutions.

Updated Intel Xeon Processors Power New HP Z4, Z6 and Z8 Workstations —Robert Green shows how HP is addressing the growing need for more power among Autodesk users.

The Education Triumvirate — Brian Chapman champions some time-honored methods for increasing one’s knowledge on a given subject: maintain your contacts, participate in forums, and view videos or printed materials. But knowing when to apply these methods is key.

Online CAD Training Insights — Jaiprakash Pandey offers advice for those charged with training others. With a well-constructed plan and some consideration of human behavior, you can create an effective training program.

Also in this issue…

  • Civil Engineering Education: Three Styles, Five Methods — Heidi Boutwell helps you determine your learning style, then helps you navigate the many education and training resources available.
  • Being Trustworthy — Mark Kiker never forgot the fundamental principles he learned as a Boy Scout. Here, he discusses one characteristic in particular that should be demonstrated by everyone.
  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three new AEC-related offerings. This month: Xinaps Suite, a suite of tools for regulation compliance; BIM Track, a web-based collaboration platform; and AUGmentecture, a service that helps users view complex 3D models in an Augmented Reality format.