AUGIWORLD March 2018 Issue

AUGIWORLD March 2018 Issue


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Some of Our Favorite Tips & Tricks

The hope of picking up some new tips & tricks is one of the primary reasons user communities exist. The user-to-user contact, online or in person, provides the shortcuts, workarounds, hints, and techniques that help users perform their work faster, easier, and more effectively.

AUGI members reap the benefits of AUGI’s own “by users, for users” mindset from the Forums at and from the pages of AUGIWorld magazine. In the March 2018 issue, for example, AUGI members are the beneficiaries of a collection of our authors’ favorite tips & tricks for various Autodesk products.

Murray Clack kicks it off with his article, “I Work for Tips!” and AutoCAD users are sure to learn something new.

A few years ago, Brian Chapman presented 50 tips & tricks for 3ds Max users and he adds to that list in “20 More Tips & Tricks.

Tips for Nested Families — Philip Russo provides help with nesting families and organizing content in Revit Structure.

Productivity-Boosting CADD Nuggets — Jeff Frye enjoys sharing little tips he calls CADD Nuggets with others. Included in this look at some of his favorites are new uses for old commands.

Customized Grading Materials — Tony Carcamo demonstrates how to create customized materials and grading styles to create models for site pad grading projects with InfraWorks.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents AEC-related software from Autodesk and its partners. This month: an element renumbering product; a suite of products that enables Revit users to process workflows and import and export data; a plug-in that helps users prepare a 3D model for use on Microsoft HoloLens; and software that generates DXF files for use on cutting machines.

A Recap: Advice I Give Myself — Over the years, Mark Kiker has dispensed lots of great advice—to others as well as himself. In this article and in upcoming issues, he revisits some of these items.

And that’s just the beginning, so enjoy this issue’s tips & tricks treasure trove.

Also in this issue…

  • Let’s Talk Tips — Jay B. Zallan sets you off on a journey of learning and exploration that begins with two simple Revit tips.
  • MEP Systems: Autodocumentation to Fabrication — Mark Mendez discusses design to fabrication and the steps in between.