AUGIWORLD July 2018 Issue

AUGIWORLD July 2018 Issue


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Sharpen Your Management Skills

Management, when used as a noun, may evoke images of a person in the “corner office” or a dozen people sitting around a conference room table. But the action of managing? Well, that’s practiced every day, many times a day, by literally every employee. You are managing your day, your workload, your project, your task, your data.

With that in mind, the July 2018 issue of AUGIWorld offers a number of management-related articles relevant to all.

For example, Jeff Frye takes on “Managing Civil 3D Data”—beginning with the project kickoff meeting and continuing through standards, data shortcuts, and a lot more.

Brian Chapman delivers help for 3ds Max users in “Managing Assets for 3ds Max” in which he discusses integration and control of assets in production environments.

And there is much more in this issue to help you hone your management skills.

Details Without Lines – Jay B. Zallan offers a perspective on the benefits of using Detail Components in Revit software.

Your Model in InfraWorks: Be the Boss! – Oscar Castaneda provides a basic workflow for InfraWorks—from the original creation of a model to the initial proposal to be shared with the team.

Are You a Project Manager? – Walt Sparling with the first in a series of articles on project management. He starts with the basics: what does a project manager do?

World Standards Day – Mark Kiker, self-described lover of standards, provides a little history on World Standards Day, celebrated this October. Need a reminder about why standards are important? You’ll find that here, too.

Bridging the Gap Between CAD Manager and IT – Jisell Howe shares her CAD management journey and offers some tips for communicating with IT that may smooth your own path.

Also in this issue:

  • What’s New in 2019 – Kenn Farr highlights the new tools and enhancements in Revit 2019 – Structure. Those who do detailed models or use Revit to develop shop drawing-level structural models will especially benefit from the latest release.
  • Ultra-Portable Workstation Performance – Robert Green offers a look at HP’s thin mobile workstations, ZBook 14u and 15u G5, powered by AMD graphics.
  • Inside Track – Brian Andresen showcases four products for AEC and related disciplines. This month: Match Rotation, which complement the Revit Align command; a 3d printing app for Autodesk Fusion 360; Align Views, a plug-in that helps users align views across multiple drawing sheets; and Zero Level, an AutoCAD plug-in that calculates vertical sections’ levels.