AUGIWorld July 2017 Issue

AUGIWorld July 2017 Issue


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How Third-Party Apps Can Assist

Autodesk’s robust network of developers continue to roll out offerings that provide users with additional functionality for their core Autodesk products. The July 2017 issue of AUGIWorld highlights some of those offerings, and many others are as close as a trip to the Autodesk App Store where you can choose from, literally, hundreds of products.

Jonathan Albert takes a close look at a free app for production home builders that use AutoCAD Architecture 2018 in “LotSpec: Options Management App for Production Home Builders.

In “Improve Your Water Distribution Workflow with PressureCAD,” Shawn Herring demonstrates how the tool bridges the gap between AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

As always, each issue of AUGIWorld covers a wide range of topics. This month’s content continues below.

Tech Manager = Task Master — Mark Kiker shares how he keeps the items on his growing “to do” lists organized and manageable with a number of paid and free task management tools.

A Closer Look at Collaboration — Walt Sparling circles back to the topic of collaboration and offers practical advice for communicating, coordinating, and using various AutoCAD tools to effectively collaborate with others.

Revit / Analytical Interoperability — Ken Farr investigates the Bentley Software-Autodesk Revit connection. Common workflows, integrating BIM and analytical models, and keys to success are discussed.

Covering Details — Brian Chapman with a lesson on adding interesting details to any scene in 3ds Max.

X2 Mini Workstations in Action — Robert Green’s conversation with a satisfied X2 Mini user reveals the performance and versatility of these small but powerful workstations.

Also in this issue…

Seven Songs about Scripts and How They Improve a CAD Manager’s World — Jisell Howe offers up several scripts that will have a positive impact on CAD managers and their ability to achieve automation goals.

The Tool as an Extension of the Hand: Part II in the Autodidact Series —Andrew Fastman examines the results of a scientific study and how the concept applies to BIM and the use of Revit.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents three AEC-related products for Autodesk users. This month: Lumion Plug-In, a tool for viewing model changes in real time; CadTempo, which allows users to track the time spent working in AutoCAD drawings; and Slicer for Autodesk Fusion 360, which turns digital 3D models into appealing artifacts.