AUGIWORLD July 2015 Issue

AUGIWORLD July 2015 Issue


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Effective Management Techniques

The art of managing goes far beyond knowing how to effectively lead a staff. Managing is done every day by everyone - and they don't need to have the word "manager" in their job titles.

In the July 2015 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors do offer some tips for managing people, but there is also plenty of advice for managing drawings in Revit Structure, scenes in 3ds Max, Autodesk licenses, and much more. So regardless of what, or who, you are managing, you'll get great tips for doing it better.

Five Esses of Management Success - Mark Kiker hits the highlights for effective CAD Management and covers Standards, Style, Savvy, and more.

Intel HD Graphics P4600 Xeon Processors - Robert Green demonstrates the power of the graphics processor.

Also in the July 2015 AUGIWorld...

The "-ate" Tips for All New CAD Managers - Those new to the role of CAD Manager will find Curt Moreno's tips most helpful. Get ready to Coordinate, Communicate, Educate, etc.

Revit on the Line: Line-Based Families - Jay Zallan explores the Detail Component in this introduction to Line-Based Families in Revit.

The SLD Banquet - Jerad Meidinger dishes up workarounds for implementing electrical single-line diagrams (SLDs) in Revit.

Manage Large Scenes in 3ds Max - Brian Chapman explores how to continue delivering the goods, despite increasing demands by clients.

Exploring the Display System - Melinda Heavrin shows how to use the Display System in AutoCAD Architecture to your best advantage.

Also in this issue...

Managing Revit Shop Drawings in Color - Adam Muñoz on the effective use of color in Revit Structure drawings.

Inventor Shafts and Splines - John Evans finds much to admire in Inventor's shaft design tools and superior user interface.

Managing Autodesk Licensing - Knowing your Autodesk Licenses is one step closer to proper license management. Bryson Anderson educates you on licensing options.

Inside Track - Brian Andresen presents a look at three new Autodesk-related products. This month: Onshape, a cloud-based 3D CAD system; Autodesk Tinkerplay, a free app that lets you create and customize your own characters on a mobile device; and Dynamo Studio, a stand¬alone programming environment that lets designers create visual logic to explore parametric conceptual designs and automate tasks.