AUGIWORLD January 2022 Issue

AUGIWORLD January 2022 Issue


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Trending Technologies

Starting off the new year right at AUGI with our AUGI authors informing you about their own favorite trending technologies. Read this month’s article with an open mind and prepare to be informed about the useful, creative, and up-to-date trendy technologies.


In the January 2022 issue:
  • Civil 3D: Grading Optimization — Shawn Herring takes us into a deep dive look into the new Grading Optimization extension in the Civil 3D 2022 software. He answers questions everyone needs to know the answers to!

  • Inventor iLogic Notes for Assembly Drawings — John Evans talks about his experience and gives us a look at his own personal notes and references regarding as well as relating to the iLogic Assembly, helping everyone out in the outcome.

  • AutoCAD: How to Develop an Automation Plan for CAD Systems — Jason Leinberger uses his experience of 20 years to tell you how to correctly develop an automation plan for CAD systems.

  • CAD Administration: Seven Songs About Scripts — Jiselle Howe walks you through a fun and comically creative article dealing with the question: How do we improve a CAD Manager’s world? Jiselle forms a well thought out way of incorporating famous songs into the mix making this an enjoyable experience.

  • 3ds Max: Trending Technologies — Brian Chapman informs us all about 3ds Max and 3D art tools for marketing that are used to help sell ideas as well as products including in the field of architecture.

  • Making the Call, Part Two — Mark Kiker continues his past Making the Call article with a part two with even more wise knowledge of making decisions with the process behind it.

  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.