AUGIWORLD January 2017 Issue

AUGIWORLD January 2017 Issue


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Every new year brings with it a new set of goals, or resolutions. So, while you are planning for 2017, there is no time like the present to immerse yourself in your Autodesk software of choice. Resolve to use the software to its fullest, to find new ways of performing tasks, and ultimately boost your productivity.

AUGIWorld authors are here to usher in the new year with a look at some advanced topics within their specialty areas.

For example, 3ds Max users will learn more about lighting from Brian Chapman in “Advanced Lighting: Light Balance with 3ds Max.

Then, in “Revit Electrical Panels Explained,” Doug Bowers provides tips for better utilization of electrical panels and associated schedules.

Get off to a great start in the new year with the advanced topics in this issue.

Also in the January 2017 AUGIWorld…

Putting the “I” in BIM: How to Work with the Information Needed for a Building Information Model — Rich Burchett helps Revit users identify, locate, and model information as well as safeguard against over- and under-modeling.

Automating Steel Lintels and Tags — Philip Russo with a lesson on steel lintel and tag automation in Revit Structure.

2017 and the Future of AutoCAD — Walt Sparling explains why he doesn’t buy into the idea that AutoCAD’s days are numbered.

Squeeze More Performance from Your HP Z Workstation — Robert Green explores how HP’s Performance Advisor helps keep workstations updated.

Point Clouds in ACA — Melinda Heavrin shows how to create, attach, and work with point clouds in AutoCAD Architecture.

Advance Your Workflows with Civil 3D 2017 v1Updates — Shawn Herring explores the updates available in the V1 periodic update to AutoCAD Civil 3D, including gravity network analysis, adding property set data to labels, and much more.

Also in this issue…    

How Cool Is Your Software? — Mark Kiker defines the characteristics of cool as it relates to software.

Creating Proposed Landscape Trees in Minutes — Tony Carcamo offers a lesson for quickly creating trees in InfraWorks 360 software.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen highlights three AEC-related products for Autodesk users. This month: External Access Links Manager, which allows Revit users to view links in a project without having to open it; ENTiTi AR/VR Exporter, a tool that turns CAD designs into Augmented and Virtual Reality; and Duplicate Sheet, an add-in that lets users duplicate sheets with and without views.