AUGIWORLD February 2021 Issue

AUGIWORLD February 2021 Issue


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Advice for New Users

Here we are into the second month of 2021. What is better than giving out good advice? This month’s issue spotlights the authors doling out their best advice and practices for software and production.

Maybe some of you will find new ways to speed up your workflow, or just take some good advice from one of the articles.

In the February 2021 issue:

  • Professional Results Quickly — Brian Chapman focuses on the simplicity of getting professional results quickly using 3ds Max. Make sure to have the latest version of 3ds Max, the Substance plugin from Adobe, and the Arnold renderer which is included with 3ds Max.

  • Civil 3D and Dynamo — One of our newest authors, Anand Stephen, outlines the steps for using a computational design tool: Dynamo. That is correct, Dynamo for Civil 3D! Read as he explains how to use visual scripting to analyze cross slopes for several miles of highway.

  • Revit Structure for Beginners — Kenn Farr is back with another great article for you beginner Revit Structure users. Kenn gives out tips to these beginners focusing on the planning & startup process, looking into different analytical applications that integrate with Revit Structure, and the workflows with design staff.

  • Spaces in Revit — Revit MEP spaces is what you need to know! Eric Wing displays his knowledge on 3D elements bound within closed walls — spaces.

  • What is BIM? — Another new AUGI author, Kenton Grant, makes us think about BIM. What is it actually? Find out in this article explaining BIM opportunities expand far beyond Revit and modeling practices, but instead reflects on the entirety of the project.

  • Where Did the “I” in BIM Go? — And yet another new author, Brad Brown, wants us to know that the “I” in BIM can be utilized, shared, enhanced, accessed, etc. by every participant in some fashion throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

  • Pitfalls Part II — Mark Kiker is back for round two on pitfalls. Mark goes in depth on being consistent, not listening, unclear roles & responsibilities, and failing to grow. This one is a MUST read, but don’t forget to check out part one from the January issue first!