AUGIWORLD August 2021 Issue

AUGIWORLD August 2021 Issue


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Managing Your Workflows, Staff and Projects

Nothing beats experience. Join us as seasoned professionals within the AEC Industries share their wisdom and experiences managing workflows, staff and projects. Read about how our authors accomplish this using the latest in computer technologies.

In the August 2021 issue:

BIM Management Mistakes To Live By — Jason Lush takes a look at a few lessons learned on mistakes easily made on the way to BIM Management success and how they can be turned into a successful journey.

Autodesk Civil 3D: Simple Management Tips — The management team outlines several of the topics they would be sure to spend a bit more time getting up to speed on.

Scene Management with Pulze for 3ds Max — Brian Chapman talks about the Pulze Scene Manager being an interface built to work with 3ds Max for scene management.

Leadership Cloning — Mark Kiker explains what leadership cloning is and how you probably think you are a good leader and think that others who pattern their leadership after what you have learned will be good leaders also. Also adding that as you bring people along, they will start to act like you.

Revit Project Setup in a Multi-Trade Environment — Eric Wing article talks about basic production and discussing his checklist and how he starts every project regardless of the size.

Letter from the Editor (The Beginning!) — Todd Rogers talks about stepping up to the job of Editor in Chief and more about him and his plans for AUGI.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.