AUGIWORLD August 2018 Issue

AUGIWORLD August 2018 Issue


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Easier Collaboration

AUGIWorld devotes one issue every year to collaboration, and for good reason. Now everyone agrees that it’s vital for disciplines to work effectively together, but how to go about it? This year’s focus on the topic revisits techniques for effective collaboration and introduces some new tools designed to make collaboration easier.

Collaboration in the Cloud,” by Shaun Bryant, discusses advances from Autodesk that are making it easy for users to collaborate.

In “Online Collaboration for 3ds Max Users,” Brian Chapman highlights four websites that foster collaboration among 3ds Max users around the globe.

There’s much more in the August 2018 issue on collaboration and other topics. Enjoy!

In the August 2018 issue:

  • Collaboration in Coordination — Joshua Geimecke discusses the factors needed for successful collaboration in the coordination process.
  • Collaboration: The New BIM 360 Design — Todd Rogers explores BIM 360 Design, which gives project managers, subcontractors, designers, architects, and other construction management professionals total control over the processes and phases of their projects.
  • Revit Retriever: Doggone Good BIM — Claudio Vittori Antisari and Chiara C. Rizzarda introduce you to Retriever, for model and code checking, and more.
  • Standards: Keys to Collaboration — Standards champion Mark Kiker discusses why standards should be enforced, explained, and occasionally revised.
  • Meeting Etiquette — Walt Sparling gets back to basics with tips on good conduct for production managers during meetings—whether these PMs are host or guest.
  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related offerings from Autodesk and partners. This month: Walk-Through-3D, a proof of concept add-in to connect Revit and the Unity gaming development platform; Transfer Single, which provides options for standards transfers; and ID Spec, which allows for predesign of an electrical system inside AutoCAD.