AUGIWORLD April 2022 Issue

AUGIWORLD April 2022 Issue


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Collaborate and Create

In order to be completely successful, you have to collaborate one way or another. Other people’s help and support can really boost your productivity and push you towards those end goals.

So, for this month’s AUGIWORLD issue, our authors are here to collaborate with you and help you! We hope you enjoy our April issue on collaboration and creation. Have a successful month!


In the April 2022 issue:
  • Successful BlM Implementation: Revit for MEP — Jason Peckovitch  gives us insight on the key to being successful at using Revit and BIM on your project while staying connected and collaborating.

  • Meeting Minutes — Andrell Laniewiez gives out super time saving advice on taking meeting minutes. She talks about the new United Platform that helps eliminate some rework, creates trackable accountability of meeting items, and ultimately keeps that data connected in one place.

  • Collaboration as a 3ds Max Professional — Brian Chapman lists 1–6 essential factors when collaborating with a team as a 3ds Max professional you are responsible for personally, also including the responsibilities everyone has as the team.

  • Using 3D Typical Sections Beyond Roadway Design for Real-Time Urban Planning and Design — Sam Lytle looks at Beyond Typicals, a software that will soon be available to tackle these industry-specific visualization problems as well.

  • AutoCAD Plots & Scripts (The Prequel) — Paul Li writes all about plotting and scripts including ‘plotting in the blind’ and some ‘plotting enhancements.’

  • Collaborating When Your Path Has Potholes — Mark Kiker writes about how there are times when you’re collaborating with a team, but you do not have enough information to define the best route, and that you still have to predict the future and clearly define a path forward.

  • Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.