AUGIWORLD April 2016 Issue

AUGIWORLD April 2016 Issue


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Task management from the experts

You don’t have to have a manager’s title to do a manager’s job, as anyone working in any aspect of the design industry can tell you. Whether you are overseeing the work of a group of people or are responsible for your own piece of a project, solid management principles and techniques will prove valuable.

The April 2016 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on management, with our authors presenting tools to help you manage whatever you need to manage, better.

Philip Russo shows you how to “Manage Your Communication” for Revit Structure projects.

In “Increasing Adoption of BIM by Owners,”John Barkwell explores how owners are turning on to the value BIM brings to their projects.

You’ll gain some management tips from every article in this information-rich issue.

Also in the April 2016 AUGIWorld...

Dynamo for MEP — Simon Moreau demonstrates how Dynamo can be used with Revit to improve calculation features and create new workflows for designing in Revit.

Revit vs. Modernist — Christopher Rossetto recounts how an innovative approach to training and a little friendly competition produced a long-lasting impact on Revit Architecture professionals.

Creating Sections in ACA — Melinda Heavrin takes a deep dive on how to create and update sections in AutoCAD Architecture 2016.

PDF Plus — Brian Benton whets your appetite for the new release of AutoCAD with this preview of AutoCAD 2017’s enhanced PDF functionality.

How Productive Can Productivity Packs Make You? — Shawn Herring lays out the many benefits you’ll get from Productivity Packs 1 and 2 in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016.

Also in this issue...

• Material Management — Brian Chapman demonstrates how to create a convincing scene in 3ds Max software.

• Resistance Is Futile — Mark Kiker helps Tech Managers view resistance to new or upgraded technology in a positive light.

• The CAD Argument for HP Mobile Workstations — Robert Green shows why you don’t have to sacrifice power when opting for portability.

• Inside Track — Brian Andresen discovers three new products for users of Autodesk and related software. This month: a 3D printing app for Autodesk Fusion 360, a productivity toolset for Autodesk Revit, and a view reference add-in for Inventor.