AUGIWORLD April 2014 Issue

AUGIWORLD April 2014 Issue


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Spring Forward with Autodesk's New Releases

As predictable as the switch to Daylight Saving Time is Autodesk's release of new versions of its major products. New releases are always of great interest among Autodesk product users - will their product "wishes" be granted with functionality they've been waiting for? Will the new releases fix old issues? What technological advances has Autodesk incorporated into these 2015 products?

AUGIWorld authors have been hard at work testing Autodesk 2015 products, and they answer these questions and more.

John Evans presents the impressive array of new features and functionality in Inventor in his article, "Something New for Everyone."

In "What's New in Revit," Jay Zallan explores changes to the Revit platform.

And Michael Smith discusses the significant enhancements to Navisworks in the areas of quantification, cloud rendering, and markups in "Quantification Gains Strength." Joining these are articles on the updates in other major Autodesk products.

Also in the April 2014 issue:

What's New with You? - Mark Kiker encourages you to look beyond software upgrades and take a hard look at how you might upgrade yourself.

Optimum Performance: Hardware for Revit - CASE and HP discuss the impact of software upgrades on your hardware.

Usability Enhancements - Christopher Fugitt explores AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and finds several noteworthy improvements.

One Small Step - In Revit MEP 2015, Todd Shackelford finds that a few product improvement wishes were granted and discusses some of the Revit platform changes that will benefit MEP users.

Performance, Productivity Increases - Brian Chapman looks at 3ds Max 2015 and quickly picks out two features that he predicts will be popular with users: ShaderFX and Quad Chamfer Modifier.

The New Stuff - Brian Benton presents the updates in AutoCAD 2015. Brand new features and updates to existing ones are discussed in detail.


Enhanced Reinforcement and Analytical Model Control - Philip Russo discusses the enhancements to Revit Structure 2015. Autodesk continues to fine-tune the product's reinforcement and analytical capabilities.

Spaces in ACA - Melinda Heavrin brings users comprehensive lessons in AutoCAD Architecture. In this issue, she explores the use of Spaces.

Inside Track - Lee Ambrosius checks out the newest Autodesk - related offerings. This month he presents VRMesh Triangulation for AutoCAD, Proplanner Flow Planner, and Daylighting Analyst for Autodesk Revit.