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Update Title Block Lisp Problem

Weird. Left Friday and my code was iterating through all the page numbers and retrieving all the correct revision levels; today, it's just bringing back the page number for whatever the curretn layout is and bringing back the revision level for that page. So this: Code: --------- (vlax-for...

Posted: by stusic

2015 split face and brick patterns

My firm has run into a similar situation before and we solved it in a very non-bim way, but it probably saved hours worth of futzing about. We just made a new view and added a couple of filled regions to document the pattern we wanted. Part of the reason this worked is that we didn't put this...

Posted: by LP Design

2015 Revit - Best Processor i7 or Xeon

I'm under the opinion that Xeon is still the way to go if you plan on having multiple sessions of any program open, like Revit, Max, Sketchup. While the latest i7's have closed the gap in speed and reliability, a Xeon is meant to take a serious beating since it is a server grade processor. i7's...

Posted: by rbcameron1

2015 Famille Dalle o'portune

Salut, Dis nous comment tu as commencé ta famille, parce que ça va joué sur la façon de procéder. Parce qu'avec un réseau de poutre tu devrais pouvoir t'en sortir, maintenant ça dépend de la taille du projet. Sinon dans ta famille, il faut commencer par créer une famille de planche, ensuite...

Posted: by Benoit D

2014 drop voltage and cable setting

Hi, I normally use an italian electrical template, that has wire default setting according to NEC/AWG. I've tryed to test an UK template, and by simple circuit es1. tempalte Electrical-DefaultGBRENU.rte 2 light 500W each (tot 1000W) / 230V = 4.34 A result: wire 2#1mm,1#1mm,1#1.5mm VD...

Posted: by gabbiano85701224

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AUGI HotNews - May 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Want to Volunteer?, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk...


AUGIWorld May 2015 Issue Released!

Now that the new Autodesk software releases are rolled out, it's time to implement. For those who have done their homework and prepared for the implementation, it should be a relatively smooth process. If you are among those who haven't...


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Better Legend Creation Tools

Revit does not filter the placed families within the project to be available for placement inside the Legend view. It can only provides a full list of the families to search for when placing into your view. This is a tedious process and there is…


Single Phase, 2-Wire Panels

Allow us to create a single phase, 2-wire panel.  One bus.  One hot and one neutral. Currently you can create the correct distribution type but no matter what you do, it continues to put the loads on 2 phases.  There are work-arounds but…


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