What’s New in Revit Structure 2021

Autodesk’s recent release of Revit includes several improvements and enhancements for Revit Structure users. We will explore some of the top features available in Revit Structure 2021.

Autodesk continues to pour into improvements for our Structural users. Revit 2021 is no exception. With improvements in Rebar, Precast, Steel Connections & modeling, and Structural Analysis. We will take a brief glimpse at each of the new Revit Structure improvements in Revit 2021.


Modeling rebar has continued to be one of those features that could always use something more. Revit 2021 now includes the ability to rotate the hooks at the ends of the bars. This allows for more flexibility (pun intended) in the rotation of the rebar ends. Make sure to include hooks in the Rebar Shape definition before placing rebar. If hooks are included in the Rebar Shape definition, the hook rotation will already be set.

End treatments can now be added to the end of a bar without using a rebar coupler. This is applicable to any rebar in the project.

Figure 1 – Rebar Shape Modifications.

Figure 2 – Modifying Rebar Path Hook Control.

Regarding rebar couplers, they can now be used on tangent, arc-shaped bars when used in circular concrete structures.


For our precast fans, the Structural Precast Extension is now integrated into Revit. Look for the Precast tab with various panels for Segmentation, Connections, Reinforcement, and Fabrication. It should be noted that Precast dependent families must be loaded – they are not automatically included in the default templates. A Precast structural template is included in the install, but it is not one of the default options for creating a new project.

Figure 3 – Precast Tab


Have you discovered the power of Dynamo integrated with Revit? You do not need to be a scripting guru to start using Dynamo scripts for Revit Structure. Dynamo now includes some basic nodes for Steel Connections to help you get started.

Figure 4 – Dynamo Nodes for Structure.

Dynamo is a visual programming software that helps with automating tasks within Revit and sets up scripting for use in Generative Design. New Generative Design features are also included in Revit 2021. Generative Design is located on the Manage tab.


Enhancements have been made to various Steel Modeling tools. A Stiffener connection has been added to the Structural Connections Settings. This connection can be used to reinforce a beam or column section by welding one or two steel plates. Apparently, it can be used on I, T and channel profiles, and some (but not all) L profile beams. The Stiffener connection will only show in a Fine detail level and will not show a connection symbol in Coarse or Medium detail levels.

Figure 5 – Stiffener Steel Connection.


Fabric Sheets and custom Fabric Sheets in 3D views can now be viewed as solid or unobscured. Select the fabric sheet, and then select the Visibility States Edit button in the Properties dialog. Select the 3D view to modify the visibility in that view.


This feature was formerly an add-on and has now been integrated into Revit. Find it on the Analysis tab.

Figure 6 – Structural Analysis Panel – Analysis Tab.


That pretty much sums up the new features and enhancements for the Structural function of Revit 2021. As always, I am sure the Revit development teams are continuing to develop more and more to make your lives easier. If there is something specific you would like to see, why not add it to the Revit Wish List on And while you are there, make sure to update your AUGI profile, visit our forums, and check out the different benefits available to our members. (This is what happens when you let the AUGI president take over an article column!).


Kimberly Fuhrman, LEED AP BD+C, Assoc. AIA, is President of AUGI and just happens to be filling in for our regularly scheduled Revit Struc-ture authors. Follow her on Twitter @FuhrmanKimberly or on LinkedIn.

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