What’s New in AutoCAD 2022

It has been officially over 1 year since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to rethink and rework how we work and live day to day.  During this time, we pushed, we persevered, we endured…Now that there seems to be some true light at the end of this tunnel, Autodesk as you know has just released their latest 2022 software as of March 23rd, 2021.  Today’s AUGI article will cover the installation improvements, the cloud/web updates and the newest features inside the software.  We will not touch on AutoCAD LT or the AutoCAD Vertical products (CAD Automations) such as AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, etc.  The improvements to the base AutoCAD 2022 are contained in those products as well.  I hope you find this article helpful for your research and knowledgebase.  Should you have any questions, you can always reach out to me via email or phone.  Thank you and enjoy…


In customary fashion, I went to and logged in as me to get my software.  I used the “Browser Download” method to get my 2022 software to ensure I downloaded all installation files which includes any library content or special content not installed when choosing the “Install Now” or “Download Now” methods.  You can find the alternative methods by clicking “View All” on your portal.  After downloading the compressed, exe file, I double-clicked it to extract the software and was off and running with the installation.  Setup.exe ran as usual and I was presented with a new installation window for my AutoCAD 2022.  Autodesk has revamped their installation process for the 2022 products.  The speed at which the software (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and Navisworks Manage as of this writer’s testing so far) have been incredible.  The installation takes less than 10 minutes to install.  On top of that, the software can be started and ran even before the installation completes.  Here is a screenshot of Navisworks Manage.  Sorry, I could not get a snapshot of AutoCAD 2022 installation quick is that quick!

In addition to the speedy installation, you now can create custom installations via your portal.  This has been an improvement since the previous attempt.  During the use of the wizard, you can choose any product available from your list of software, modify the custom settings, create an Installer file or create a Deployment image.  Below are some screenshots of this part of the portal.  Overall, the installation process was extremely easy and quick.

Cloud and Web Updates

As most of you know, you can use AutoCAD anywhere on any device…You can install it on your desktop computer, your laptop, your tablet and even your smartphone.  Depending on your device in hand, you will be able to use either the full version of AutoCAD 2022 or some various of the application.

AutoCAD Web App

You can head to and log into your account to start using a web-based version of AutoCAD 2022.  It is not the full package, but it does offer fundamental creation and manipulation of the files.  More importantly, it gives you access to those files via many new methods.

Once logged into your account, you are presented with the following:

You have 3 main areas of focus...A, B and C. 

Area A shows you a list of all the locations you can set up to access your online data.  You can now link to Autodesk Docs (multiple hubs), Autodesk Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Area B is the wizard for adding your storage providers.  When you select any one of the icons, you will get the following window.  Just make your selection, authenticate the account and connectivity to and your account will be updated within to work with those services.

Area C is the main area to access and make your selection of file choice.  This part will change depending on which location you choose in Area A.  For example, here is what Area C looks like when you choose one of your Autodesk Construction Cloud projects for BIM Collaboration Pro.

Application Updates

As with most of the Autodesk products, internal application updates are bound to included.  Here are the new commands and features with AutoCAD 2022.


In addition to the customizable installation, the graphics have been improved to show icons and data clearer, with more contrast and easier on the eyes.  Most importantly, the new Start tab has been completely redesigned for easier access to files locally and via the web.


TRACE is a new command that allows you to sketch alternative content on top of your file without altering the original file.  Think of TRACE as placing a piece of vellum paper on top of your drawing, sketch over it to come up with another alternative design or markup and then rip that piece of vellum out to keep for multiple design options.  The TRACE command does work within the AutoCAD 2022 application.  However, the creation of these TRACE objects needs to be created in the site or mobile app.  Once created, you can see them within the AutoCAD 2022 software application on your desktop or laptop.

Screenshot of TRACE within AutoCAD 2022

Screenshot of TRACE within AutoCAD 2022

Screenshot of TRACE within


In addition to being able to share your drawing and share your views with the Share Drawing and Shared Views command which came out in the previous releases of AutoCAD, you now have Push to Autodesk Docs.  Located in the Collaborate Tab of the Ribbon, you can use this command to open the tool palette to push your AutoCAD files up to your Autodesk Docs site.  In using this command, the software will create a PDF file of your sheet and upload it to your Autodesk Docs location of choice.  This prevents having to use the Plot command, choose AutoCAD to PDF.pc3, plot it, find the file in Windows Explorer and then drag/drop it to your Autodesk Docs location after you get to your hub and your project and your subfolder where you want to put it.  Very streamline indeed.


COUNT is a new command that allows you to automatically count the data in your AutoCAD file.  You can access this feature by typing in the command COUNT in the command line or going to the View Tab of the Ribbon, Palettes Panel and selecting the Count icon.  This will bring up the palette and the software will automatically count everything within the Model space environment.  You will be presented with the data and you can filter the results with the search toolbar within this palette.  As you hover your mouse icon over one of the choices, it will highlight that data in the drawing.  If there is something amiss about the data, it will show you a yellow triangular exclamation icon as well.  You can then get into additional options of your selection by right clicking.  Very cool feature!


You can now pull out your drawings as floating windows to place on multiple monitors.  This allows you to work with multiple files within 1 session of AutoCAD but on many monitors.  You always have the option of putting the drawings back into Tab view method by dragging and dropping the file into place.  Floating the drawings as windows helps me work more efficiently now.


I hope that the new updates and features in AutoCAD 2022 are to your liking.  These improvements allow anyone to work more efficiently, conveniently and get work done faster and smarter.  I am sure there are a ton of additional micro updates to the software as well…I just have not had the time to dig deeper.  I highly suggest you explore these features to see how they can help you and your team moving forward.  Thank you for your time.  As always, please reach out to me if you need to connect.  Take care!!

Professionally, I am a seasoned Autodesk Technical Specialist, Autodesk Expert Elite, Autodesk Certified Instructor, Autodesk University Speaker and Autodesk Service Marketplace Provider. In addition, I am a Bluebeam Certified Instructor and a University Instructor for Kennesaw State University.  When I have time, I contribute to the Global Autodesk Community via AUGI, AKN, Autodesk Screencast, Autodesk University, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

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As the Lead Application Engineer for Repro Products, I excel at teaching and supporting clients with Autodesk products. I provide the knowledge necessary for clients to move forward in their thinking and design.  I have worn many hats in my career and still do. As a result, I have a unique ability...a unique passion...TEACHING!  I enjoy learning and passing on knowledge. I love engaging people to learn more about them and what their passion is.  I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to connect and engage me.

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