Traditional(ish) Elevation Markers: Share | Load | Use

Do you use standard OOTB (out of the box) Elevation Markers?

No = You can (possibly) go ;)

Yes = Read On! It’s brief, but packs a punch beyond the thousand words I did not write, if your firm wants or needs something like these more (dare I say) traditional markers.

Figure 1

In response to a[1] post—where I included the Elevation Markers[2] I had created a few years back (when we were finally allowed to modify them nearly as we
require)— I am once again sharing them, for anyone interested to use...thus the "sharing" part of the title.

The reason the View Number is not in the circle above a line over the Sheet Number is because I have not gotten that line to stay horizontal, no matter the angle of Elevation (and I do not suggest using a bootlegged Section Marker to look like those old markers). Well, on to the goods…

Figure 2

While these do not (since they still cannot) appear exactly like the old hand-drawn Elevation Markers, they are an obvious boon over the OOTB offerings. Well, as much as they can be ;-) The little lines in the Interior Elevation markers (Unfilled) are needed due to the construct of the “pointers.” If you find that an imperfection, I can’t help you but to say you can probably modify the nested families and perhaps use an Invisible Line for the bottom of the arrows… I never did, because I am not offended by those “lines.”

So without further ado… Download 'em from below, embed 'em into your template(s), set 'em as your Elevation Tags (refer to the images, of course) and have at it! Then share with anyone you know who you think might also benefit.

The "Circle" and Parameters, followed by the embedded Types:

Figure 3: The "Circle" and Parameters

Figure 4: The “Pointer” and Parameters

Download the "Circle" below[3]
Download the "Pointer" Here[4]

Share, rinse, repeat. Cheers.


Jay B Zallan | Virtual Design & Construction Technology Conductor (& Fine Artist)

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