The AUGI Forums: One Million Posts… and Counting

Something amazing happened while AUGI members were going about business as usual.  The AUGI Forums passed one million public posts. It happened back in October 2011.  Silently the ticker moved past the one million mark.  No bells went off, no balloons dropped from the ceiling.  But somewhere in Norway, a structural engineer with only nine total posts typed in the milestone post with a question about Robot Structural Analysis software.   You can read it here - .  That engineer received an answer to his question within three hours from another AUGI member.

With that post, the AUGI Forums entered into the next phase of information exchange.  We have more information embedded in our Forums about Autodesk products than any other forum devoted exclusively to Autodesk products, outside of Autodesk itself. 


AUGI has 960 non-admin related forums that are open to the public.  These forums are indexed by all major search engines.  Finding information could not be easier.  Beyond the public forums are those that assist in the behind-the-scenes management and planning of AUGI.  We have 1,148 total forums, if you include the ones we use to manage everything.

We reach every continent on the planet and serve many members in their native tongue.  Need to interact?  We have 13 different languages represented on the AUGI forums. Four of those forums are enhanced with native language navigation hyperlinks, menus, and custom graphics

  • Forum English
  • Forum Deutsch
  • Forum Français
  • Forum Japanese

There are more languages that need native language menus and graphics such as those listed below. Can you help translate for us? 

  • Fórum Magyar
  • Forum Polska
  • Forum Korean
  • Forum China
  • Forum Russian
  • Fórum Português
  • Forum Norsk
  • Foros Español
  • Forum Italiano

On the way to the grand million-post mark, there have been some bumps in the road. A little history…  the AUGI Forums were set up after the AUGI website was hit by the “Witty Worm.” Long-time members can fill you in about this basically wiped out years of data that AUGI collected. And we also had a period recently when the data was offline for weeks as we transitioned our website to a new platform and were trying to get the data.

There are a few interesting threads and conversations that you may not know about.

The “Longest Thread in History” was started by Ron Oldenbeuving on 2005-05-27, 06:05 AM - it all started with the following question: “Who was the last person given a good wet noodling, why, and what sort of offence do you think should have an automatic punishment from Darlene?”

What does that have to do with CAD?  Nothing.  This thread and many more are in our Coffee without CAD area where members hang out and discuss a very wide range of topics. 

If you want to read that entire thread, pack a lunch because it spans more than 4,500 pages. The original post was number 128,802: Since there are now 2,260 pages of posts for this thread alone.  You may never get to the end.  The latest reply (which changes every few minutes) in this thread was, as of the date of this writing, on 1-31-2012 at 07:18 am by Chris Benner. More than 233 AUGI members have contributed to this thread.

The very first post was made by Christopher Zoog on 2003-04-29, 11:46 PM EST USA in his Welcome to the Revit Discussion Forums post:  Scroll down a bit and you will see the first post by others including Steve Stafford, Wesley Benn, James V, Scott Davis, and many more. 

Interested in finding your first post?  Mine was on 2005-01-29, 11:08 PM about reading AUGIWORLD online.  Find yours by going to your profile via the Control Panel in the Forums, and next to About Me is a tab called Stats.  Under there is a link to “Find all posts by [your name].”  You will see them all listed with the newest at the top.  In the upper right corner of that list is a Last>> button – click that.

Who posts the most?

Here is the Top Ten List: (by forum name and number of posts)

10 - aaronrumple     4,674
9 - Scott Davis     4,734
8 - beegee         5,153
7 - RobertB     5,794
6 - patricks     6,292
5 - Opie         6,484
4 - Steve_Stafford     6,534
3 - rkmcswain     7,207
2 - jaberwok     7,355

And #1 - Mike.Perry     13,500 posts

If you are looking for the best resource for independent, real-world answers to your toughest problems, the AUGI Forums are it. 

One million posts later, they are still going strong.

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