Surveys: Autodesk University 2014 Attendance

This month's homepage poll inquired about whether members will be attending Autodesk University 2014. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in yet another AUGI Survey.

Three percent of respondents had not yet heard about the conference. I am happy to have brought up the topic, in that case. 7% were not interested in attending. Sorry to our friends at Autodesk for pointing this out, but, yes, 5.5% opted to attend the Revit Technology Conference in lieu of AU (though there are sure to be many who hit both). The option just had to be added after hearing this at LUG meetings. 29% of responding members wanted to go, but, are unable to. 42.5% are headed that way, though, and a further 14% are still working on it.


I began attending in 2001 myself, which is, of course, where I heard about and signed up for AUGI. The years I have been able to attend since then have had just as much impact as the first. These days, you will find me assisting in labs more often than you will see me taking classes, but, that does not mean I have stopped learning from my fellow attendees (and some of the exhibitors). Working in Facilities Management means that I could not find local classes which would help with my specialized tasks, but, the industry gurus who attend AU had a thing or two to show me, which made my days so much more productive.

I encourage you to fill out your class surveys. Leave good reviews for the insightful instructors and helpful critiques for those whose courses could have been better. As an attendee in a small track, I saw how my feedback shaped classes over the years. Do yourself, and future students, a favor by pointing out what you really need to learn and complimenting those who gave you what you needed.

AUGI holds their required annual meeting every year at AU, and, of course, has space in the exhibit hall. Check recent letters from the President, in both HotNews and AUGIWORLD, to hear more about what our organization will be up to there. And, as always, I will be helping to hand out the glasses at the AUGI booth after the meeting, because it gives me the opportunity to meet so many awesome members face to face, which is a rare treat when you are a part of an international organization. The AUGI Annual Meeting and AUGI Reception (aka Beer Bust) are on the Autodesk U scheduler, so be sure to add them along with your classes so you do not forget.

Curt Moreno will be joining me this year in manning the AUGI social media channels, to keep folks apprised of happenings. So, pick your favorite and keep an eye out.

(As in past years, most #AU2014 tweets will come from @AUGIatAU account, and just the highlights will hit the main @AUGI account.)

Melanie Stone is a CAFM/ IWMS Specialist & System Administrator supporting and writing about ARCHIBUS, FMInteract, Tririga, Revit, AutoCAD, BricsCAD or similar. She served as an AUGI Director/Officer for over 6 years and is currently involved with the STLRUG. Melanie can be reached at or found on Twitter as @MistresDorkness on YouTube or on her Mistress Of the Dorkness blog.

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