Surveys Article: How do you learn at work?

The next issue of AUGIWORLD Magazine is about tips and tricks, information that will make your job easier and your day more productive. So, this month’s poll asked our members how they learn tips and tricks at work… if they do.

The majority of members, 60%, say the knowledge-sharing in their company is informal in nature. 1/3 say the knowledge-sharing is also rare. Nearly 30% say though they may share knowledge informally, they at least do so frequently.

13% of our members fly solo, so do not have coworkers or leaders to learn from.

20% of our users say their companies have formal programs to encourage learning; perhaps lunch and learns, webinars, internal blogs or newsletters, mentoring programs, user groups, wikis, etc.

8% of respondents said that their company does not share productivity-enhancing information.

Any way you slice it, at least our fellow AUGI members are here for us. Be sure to check out the next issue of AUGIWORLD Magazine to see what all of your favorite authors and content editors have to say about Tips & Tricks.

The next monthly poll asks who installs your new software? IT, CAD or BIM Managers or Coordinators, Power Users or every User?

Melanie Stone is a CAFM/ IWMS Specialist & System Administrator supporting and writing about ARCHIBUS, FMInteract, Tririga, Revit, AutoCAD, BricsCAD or similar. She served as an AUGI Director/Officer for over 6 years and is currently involved with the STLRUG. Melanie can be reached at or found on Twitter as @MistresDorkness on YouTube or on her Mistress Of the Dorkness blog.

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