Surveys Article: Does classroom education offer adequate preparation?

With the October issue of AUGIWORLD Magazine being about Education and Training, I thought I would deviate a bit from our typical thinking. When an AUGI member normally brings up training and education, we are interested in professional development, continued learning and transitioning into more lucrative specialties. However, the question posed wasn’t about experienced users, but, rather about those who are fresh in the field. Are they coming out of trade schools and universities prepared to work in our field? What is your opinion?

64% of respondents do not feel students are leaving school in a state of sufficient preparation. 23% feel that they are somewhat prepared, or are undecided on the issue. 14% believe that students do have the sufficient tools right out of school.

There is much debate in skilled industries like ours, what are the most important factors in a worker’s success? Capability with tools? In-depth knowledge of a specific trade? Generalized concepts and underlying theory?

The consensus seems to be, as long as they are willing to learn and ask questions, one of the above is good enough to get them started on their road to mastery.

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So, as the next issue of AUGIWORLD magazine is going to be focused on hot topics and industry trends, I thought our next poll should gauge actual adoption of 3D printing.

A button to the poll can be found on our newly redesigned homepage, or you can save this link directly to the Survey channel’s current poll page.

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