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HP's Remote Graphics Software has been around for a few years now, but that doesn't stop it from being revolutionary and transformational for you. It can revolutionize your business practices and transform the way you work, making you more productive and efficient.

What is it?

HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) is an enabling solution that gives individuals and organizations greater flexibility in how they work, where they work, and what they are able to work with. It increases productivity, collaboration, mobility, and efficiency without sacrificing performance, reliability, or security, and it does it without major expense or painful learning curves.

In a nutshell, HP RGS is a two-component software solution that connects a remote workstation, desktop, or laptop to one or more workstations located at another site, providing the user access to applications, files, utilities, etc. installed and stored on those workstations, running at native performance levels and with no risk to data security. Even 3D images rotate and move as if the user was in front of the workstation and not located hundreds of miles away.

Sender software is installed on the primary workstations and receiver software resides on the remote machines. The sending software encrypts and compresses graphics output from the home workstations and sends it over standard networks to the receiver, which decrypts and decompresses the graphics output and sends back user inputs. Because only image data is sent from the sender workstation and only keyboard and mouse inputs are sent back and they are encrypted, there is no risk to data security and the data stream itself is extremely efficient, allowing full performance regardless of distance.

How can it help?

The obvious application is allowing road-warrior engineers and designers to access their office workstation from client sites, network accessible field locations, or their homes, allowing them to be more productive wherever they need to be without requiring native installation of machine-intensive applications and files such as Autodesk Inventor and associated design files. This one concept alone might be enough to sell you on HP RGS, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Secure collaboration

Collaboration with distributed design teams can be extremely complicated and worrisome if contributors, reviewers, or stakeholders come from different organizations or companies. At the very least, versioning issues can and do arise as different people or teams work with files locally and then ship them off for review. Keeping track requires discipline and attention to details, and bringing all versions together can be a project in itself.

HP Remote Graphics allows distributed design groups to access a single set of files from many locations. Versioning tracking issues are eliminated because there is only one version, only one set of files located on one workstation. The files do not go anywhere and thus remain secure.

Efficient review

Reviews with clients and stakeholders are also enabled by Remote Graphics Software. Clients can download and install free receiver software allowing them to view the designs and models on your workstation from their office. You can guide them through the design, demonstrate features, and run simulations - all without any loss of performance on their side, with complete security, and without having to travel.

Training tool

Remote Graphics Software is also proving itself as a valuable training tool for distributed organizations, allowing an instructor in one location to guide students in another through exercises or processes, enabling "hands-on" training with a minimum investment in hardware, software, and travel. Demonstrations, even full-on university level labs and programs, can be run over the network without any loss of performance and with full instructor control.

Multi-workstation access from a single workstation, or allowing multiple users to share workstation resources are exceptional applications within the walls of your office building or organization. One user can access multiple workstations located in centralized data centers or in remote locations from their office workstation as if all those machines were sitting under the desk. Likewise, multiple users can share a pool of workstations, centrally located and managed for more efficient use of organizational resources.

The limits here are really yours to find. The technology itself was developed for NASA, to enable the most efficient image communications from the Mars Rover to mission control, so performance within terrestrial networks is impressive. Whatever your need for remote access, chances are good that HP Remote Graphics Software can address them effectively and with all the reliability and excellence that HP is known for.

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