Sponsor Spotlight: Tool-less Chassis Makes Servicing a Snap

As a designer, your focus is on developing products, not maintaining the system you work on. So you want to spend as little time as possible servicing your workstation.

Thanks to the new innovative design of the HP Z Workstations, your wish can come true. That’s because these HP Z Workstations feature a completely tool-less chassis that allows you to quickly and easily service and upgrade your workstation without the need of a screwdriver or other tools. Adding memory, changing a graphics card, or inserting a disk drive can all be done surprisingly quickly.

Designed with users like you in mind, the HP Z Workstations feature modular, internal components that snap in and out for easy expansion. For example, in the HP Z800 Workstations, the power supply and motherboard can be serviced with the pull of a handle or twist of a latch. In addition, hard drives and memory fans plug directly into the system, eliminating the need to connect and disconnect cables.

The chassis also contains space for PCI and PCI Express cards, including your favorite graphics card, that may be added or replaced without tools. And cabling for external hard disk drives is routed through special ports at the back of the I/O cage - reducing the amount of internal wiring in the workstation and making it easier to add external disk drives.

To learn more about the HP Z Workstations, visit the HP for Autodesk website.

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