Sponsor Spotlight: HP Z1 Workstations Deliver Power Without the Tower

To address your complex design and engineering challenges, you need a workstation that can deliver the highest levels of power and performance. But like many workstation users, the simplicity and compactness of an all-in-one PC offers real advantages in a space-constrained work environment.

The HP Z1 Workstation offers the best of both worlds. This system delivers the advanced features you need to design, simulate, render, and visualize your work, including Intel Xeon® and Intel Core™ processors, professional graphics, and ECC memory. And it delivers them in a unique tower-less form factor that creates a less cluttered desktop that is ideal for tight spaces.

The system combines the performance and reliability of a complete HP Z Workstation and a beautiful 27-inch diagonal display into a slim, elegant chassis. In fact, the system looks just like a monitor—but all the workstation components are located behind the monitor itself. That means that all the wires and cables associated with a standard workstation are eliminated. And with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the only cord you need is the one for the power supply.

The HP Z1 Workstation offers you even more. The system is designed with an innovative access panel that allows you to easily upgrade and maintain your system. The access panel unlatches at the bottom and hinges open from the top in much the same way a briefcase does. Once inside, you can snap in a hard drive, upgrade memory, or press and lift out the graphics card – all without a screwdriver or other tools*.

To learn more about the HP Z1 Workstation and other HP Z systems, visit the HP Workstation website.


* The power supply, graphics card, hard drives, optical drive, system cooling blower, and memory can be accessed, and removed without tools. Tools may be required for all other components.

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