Sponsor Spotlight: HP Z1 G2 Workstation and Autodesk Showcase

HP Z1 G2 Workstation and Autodesk Showcase

HP has launched the Z1 G2 a second generation of the industry leading Z1 Workstation that has been available since April 2012. Building on the success of the 1st generation Z1 we have added 10-finger Windows 8 multi-touch, Thunderbolt ™ 2, and no-glass non-glare options. Accessibility of ports on the rear of the display has been improved.

Additionally the Z1 G2 supports the 4th Generation Intel Core® processors along with the latest Xeon E3-1200v3 family processors. NVIDA Professional graphics are well supported with four different options. This is in addition to using Intel® HD Graphics P4600 with the Xeon® E3-1245v3 processor.

The Z1 G2 continues HP’s legacy of tool-less serviceability of the components inside. Memory, graphics cards and drives are all easily accessed merely by moving latches on the side and opening up the display.

The Z1 G2 is the ideal Autodesk Showcase® workstation presentation tool for design reviews in the boardroom.  You can feel confident that the elegance of the Z1 G2 and its amazing display is well suited for peer and stakeholder presentations. The Z1 G2 supports 4 NVIDIA Quadro Professional graphics cards options, NVIDIA Quadro® K610M, NVIDIA Quadro® K2100M, NVIDIA Quadro® K3100M, and the NVIDIA Quadro® K4100M. The latter 2 graphics cards are best for suited for well-performing interactive updates to models and scenes within Showcase. The cards support interactive rendering of models, multiple lights, and rich environments. NVIDIA and HP work closely together to certify Showcase and other Autodesk applications.

“One of the most powerful pieces of equipment we have in our arsenal is the Z1 Workstation.  You look at this screen from an 180 degree perspective, in Showcase, and everyone gets a confidence in what they’re looking at, ‘cause it looks so realistic. Jon Wells, Senior Designer, The Morgan Motors Company (see video)

More information on the Z1 G2 All-in-One workstations, Hewlett Packard Z Workstations and Zbook Mobile Workstations can be found at

Create a rendering for the Morgan Motor Company, for a chance to win $5,000 cash (provided by Talenthouse) and an HP Z Workstation with NVIDIA graphics.

Designers and digital artists are invited to collaborate with the leaders in product design, 3D technology and advertising by producing a magazine advertisement for the Morgan Motor Company 3 Wheeler, to help launch their latest 3 Wheeler at a major automotive trade show..For more information about the contest, including all the cool prizes, check out the contest page.

Submissions must be received by March 26th, 2014, so act fast!

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