Sponsor Spotlight: HP Remote Graphics Software lets you securely collaborate with colleagues

Designing and engineering products requires close collaboration between team members. For companies with geographically dispersed teams, true collaboration requires a way to securely share data, drawings, models, and tools among remote offices.

HP Remote Graphics Software is an advanced connection protocol that allows you and your team to access and share the desktop of a remote computer over a standard network. With this software, your 2D, 3D, video, and media-rich applications run natively on the remote computer and only encrypted, compressed video image is sent to the receiving system – ensuring that none of your data is compromised.

How does it work?

HP Remote Graphics Software captures the desktop of the remote system and transmits it over a standard network to a window on a local client using advanced image compression technology specifically designed for 3D digital imagery, 3D models, and high-frame rate video applications. The receiving system uses software that captures input from the user’s keyboard, mouse, and USB devices and transmits it back to the sending desktop for process.

HP Remote Graphics Software allows multiple simultaneous sender sessions, therefore sharing your desktop and collaborating is simple and easy to do.

The sender software is free on HP Z Workstations and HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations. Both the sender and receiver software may be downloaded from the HP Remote Graphics Software website.

Learn more by visiting the HP Remote Graphics Software website.

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