Sponsor Spotlight: HP Remote Graphics Software

Take your work and workstation performance with you—without taking your data or Autodesk applications on the road.

Through its advanced compression techniques, HP Remote Graphics Software (HP RGS) displays the contents of distant, remote workstations on your computing device at your current location. Using this service, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and other Autodesk applications can be used while you’re away from the office without having to install them on your travel device.

HP RGS grabs the desktop content and displays it locally, while giving you control of mouse and keyboards to continue the work you had in progress while in the office. Data can be shared with co-workers without the tedious download and upload times that occur when sharing data with different geographical sites using traditional methods.

How does it work? HP RGS accomplishes this by grabbing the contents of the display from the graphics card installed on the remote workstations. It then compresses the contents using advanced techniques pioneered at HP Labs, sends them over your local Internet connections, and redraws them on your local device in a window unique to that remote session.

This technology is a free application on HP Z Workstations and HP Elitebook Mobile Workstations. HP RGS is now at version 6.0 with a number of key updates:

  • Advanced video compression significantly reduces bandwidth requirements during sessions.
  • HP Velocity improves WAN performance over lower-quality connections with adaptive network analysis, packet loss protection, congestion detection, and Wi-Fi acceleration.
  • A new user interface updates the look and feel, allowing more flexible management of remote sessions.

Other key features:

  • VPN negotiation through explicit proxy settings allows users to negotiate and comply with corporate firewalls.
  • HP RGS supports Autodesk applications based on both Microsoft Direct X and OpenGL
  • This technology improves security through pixel-based encryption. The display of your design is shared to your local device while your IP represented by the application model data remains protected back in your company offices.

To learn more about HP RGS, visit the HP Remote Graphics Software website.

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