Sponsor Spotlight: HP Earns Certified Label

Looking for rock-solid performance for AutoCAD? Productivity depends upon a workstation that is reliable, tested, proven, and certified for use with your mission-critical AutoCAD environment. Today there is a new way to recognize just such a workstation, the “Certified for AutoCAD”* label from Autodesk; and today there is only one workstation series authorized to bear that sticker - the HP Z200 and Z200 Small Form Factor Workstations.

Earned, Not Given

What does it take to earn this label? It takes a rigorous battery of tests performed by both HP and Autodesk engineers that put workstations through their AutoCAD paces and combined software/hardware operations to identify and resolve issues before they hit the market. It takes a long- term commitment to certification testing and improvement. Solutions and environments are not static - they evolve through their lifespan as new technologies, new versions, new drivers, and new issues arise.

HP continually evolves its solutions as well, solving issues as they arise, to keep users running efficiently. For HP workstations it also includes the provision of seed equipment to Autodesk for cooperative evaluation and testing, ensuring that certification testing is biased toward the application user’s needs. It also takes a commitment to brokering, monitoring and ensuring issues resolution between technology providers and Autodesk. In short, it takes a complete commitment to quality.

All HP Z workstations and Mobile workstations have been certified for AutoCAD, but only the Z200 series was selected to bear the "Certified for AutoCAD" label. The reason for this is that the Z200 series is designed perfectly for the AutoCAD user. Its architecture, processors, motherboard, chipset, memory, and graphics cards are optimized for AutoCAD and offered at a price-point that puts workstation grade performance within easy reach.

Technology Choices

The HP Z200 series features a wide choice of processors including latest Intel Coretm i3 and i5 dual-core processors or Intel i5, i7 and Xeon quad-core processors, and either non ECC memory or DDR3 ECC memory for data integrity and system reliability as well as certified graphics solutions from ATI and NVIDIA. These components are integrated in chassis which are designed to run more efficiently, more quietly and more coolly than ever before, even under heavy workloads. There are even ENERGY STAR qualified configurations for maximum energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

It all adds up to a package that AutoCAD users can't help but love; a package that makes the user more productive and their organization more effective and competitive. So look for the "Certified for AutoCAD" label on new HP z200 Workstations and rest easy knowing that your workstation won't just run with AutoCAD, it'll perform.

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