Sponsor Spotlight: Configuring a Revit Workstation

Autodesk Revit is a powerful tool for architects and engineers, providing a full suite of tools for design, visualization, coordinated and organized management of building information. To take full advantage of Revit and its formidable capabilities, particularly its ability to handle large models and to render detailed, almost life-like models of your designs, requires a properly configured workstation.

The HP Z600 Workstation is a nearly ideal platform for Revit. Based on a dual-socket Intel 55201 chipset with the potential to mount up to two Intel Xeon E5500 or 5600 series processors with up to six processing cores2 each, and up to 48 GB of 6-channel3 DDR3 1333 MHz ECC memory, the Z600 has all the processing power and multi-threading4capability needed to manage your most challenging Revit files.

Professional graphics for efficient rendering

When it comes to graphics, integrated graphics and consumer grade graphics cards cannot manage the load, which is why HP Z600 Workstations feature an array of Direct X-based graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD such as the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 and the AMD FirePro V4800. These professional-grade workstation graphics cards are designed for use in challenging design environments, and feature the on-board processing and dedicated graphics memory needed to manage your most difficult graphics tasks. For truly impressive performance, you can even mount dual graphics cards.

Engineering expertise and unique partnership ensures smooth integration

Proper configuration goes beyond the important task of selecting the right hardware for the task. Your Revit platform must also be properly and extensively tested to ensure that all the components are properly integrated for reliable performance in real-world conditions, and to ensure that all drivers, especially critical graphics drivers, are certified for optimal operation in your mission-critical applications like Revit. Through HP’s unique and long-standing relationship with Autodesk, and HPs unwavering commitment to excellence, HP has developed an exceptional testing and certification program to provide that HP workstations are optimized for Autodesk applications and all graphics cards are certified for use with Autodesk applications.

HP Performance Advisor keeps configuration current

The one thing that remains constant in the world is change. No workstation remains configured exactly as it was when it was first installed. New applications, new hardware and other upgrades can change the way hardware, firmware, and software interact. Keeping your workstation properly tuned can be difficult. HP has also accounted for that. All HP Z-Series Workstations come with the HP Performance Advisor utility pre-installed. Performance Advisor allows the user or other authorized administrators to keep the workstation optimized for its mission-critical tasks. It helps to manage processor and memory usage, find and install the best drivers for the software present on the machine, and to troubleshoot issues and manage common maintenance tasks. This tool can save you hours of lost productivity in optimized performance and faster resolution of issues.

There are other options within the HP product line for Revit platforms. The HP Z400 Workstation offers excellent flexibility and performance to handle all but the most demanding Revit tasks thanks to a variety of Intel multi-core processors, ECC memory and professional-grade graphics. Likewise, the HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations are capable and effective mobile Revit solutions thanks to similar professional-grade processors, memory, and graphics. All feature the same level of HP engineering innovation, certifications and testing, to ensure optimal performance and all feature the HP Performance Advisor.

For more informational about selecting HP workstations for Revit and other applications, you can visit the HP/Autodesk page at

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